Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #238

In a secure Processing Chamber buried deep in the earth, the wives of Republican senators receive their nightly dose of morphine to ensure that they stand by their man and smile lovingly, no matter what crap said man might try to spew in a press conference. A young Barbara Bush, manning the reception desk, has dutifully done her part by ensuring that none of the women are able to read magazines published after 1837…


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  1. Ha ha ha. I often wonder how these women stand by the nonsensical, demoralizing things their husbands say. And I truly feel sorry for their kids. They must be mortified when having to face their friends at school and explain that their fathers are either cowards or fools.

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    • Actually, it does, now that you mention it. But it’s actually a “publicity shot” of folks in Hollywood preparing for the premiere of “All This, and Heaven Too”, a background story that isn’t nearly as exciting as the one I made up… 😉

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