Month: September 2016

Past Imperfect – #109

The Thompson Triplets, with their intense patriotism and even stronger attraction to men in uniform, never missed a troop train rolling into town. They collectively had a total of 47 children, and this population influx eventually led to their home state gaining an additional seat in the House […]

Present Tense – #6

Hold up. I just left this to come back to Dallas? Clearly, I need to reevaluate my life choices. Oh, wait. There’s the little boy in me, in the lower right corner, refusing to rejoin the adult world, with all the irritating responsibility such an action entails, determinedly […]

Present Tense – #5

This is where it happened. Well, I didn’t have any definitive proof at the time to back up my assertion, and I would continue to not have any proof well after the violation had been “resolved”, because people hide things and are not forthcoming, but my gut tells […]

The Decadence of Condiments

Editor’s Note: As a companion piece to the recent paean to the mood swings of a Chinese Buffet experience, here is an older ode exemplifying the writer’s obsessive thoughts concerning a new menu option at a local cafeteria-style chain… 1. The fact that Luby’s even serves breakfast. This […]

Ghosts of Bonnywood

A long time ago and very far away, before people began paraphrasing the opening line from Star Wars because they couldn’t come up with their own introduction, there was a website. This website was created by someone who didn’t have the first clue on how to create websites, […]

Past Imperfect – #207

Ava: “Hold up, buster. Don’t be sticking that finger into my cake. I don’t know where it’s been.” Frank: “Come on, doll. We’re married now. For better or for worse, right?” Ava: “That’s just it. I know about your worst. And I know that you’re gonna let other […]