Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #9


It wasn’t until later in the evening that Philip and Marnie learned the consequences of over-indulging in the cabbage soup on the buffet line at the St. Agnes Social. Sadly, this turbulent revelation came at a most inopportune time, just as Sister Mary Edna took the stage to announce the winners of the King and Queen of Benevolent Chastity. Philip and Marnie were horrified to hear Sister Mary Edna screech out their own names, causing all eyes to turn in their direction as they uncontrollably popped about like prairie dogs on caffeine. Billowing in shame, they turned and raced erratically toward the nearest exit, Marnie in the considerable lead as she somehow managed to harness the power of the propulsion in a splendid example of quick thinking and random physics.

Philip and Marnie did not take communion the following Sunday, and Sister Mary Edna’s cabbage soup was discreetly removed from the menu of all future Socials…


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  1. What was in that soup, marijuana? Because those two sure look high…you know…on account of them…er…being high in the picture…ahem…^coughs in embarrassment* Um, I”ll just go and get my coat then…

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