Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #275


At St. Zena’s Academy for Women Who Like to Wear Matching Outfits and Don’t Bother to Do Anything Interesting with Their Hair, a hush fell over the room as the students received that day’s assignment: “Wherefore art thou, Waldo?”


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  1. Waldo: Up here in the left hand corner.
    Waldo II: No, I’m in the back right corner.
    Waldo III: What, you all are fakes, I’m up in the far right corner.
    Waldo IV: Foolish ones, here I am overlooking everything in the front right upper corner.
    Waldo V: My gosh, I’ve been gone for hours. That room was tooo boring, I’m now going making beds and washing dishes.

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  2. Waldo is high on a shelf, busting a move. Also, that is my office dress code. We don’t do it on purpose. What happens is, we all feel like wearing navy/white polka dots on the same day. When we get into the office we stop, point at each other’s clothes, point at ours then point again. We always promise to consult before doing that again. Then the next day everybody wears grey.

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