Present Tense

Present Tense – #7


And so it came to pass that the weary travelers were once again reunited with their long-lost luggage. It was a beautiful and touching moment, with various deities smiling from above and Celine Dion warbling a ditty about how the sightseeing and sangria-drinking could now go on and on. Then a rude Security Guard showed up and explained that the Public Display of Affection toward an Inanimate Object was prohibited in the main concourse during business hours, unless you had tickets for first class.

The two men broke their tender embrace and headed back up into the remote mountains of Spain. Celine went back to not doing anything of any importance. And the security guard went back to night classes at the Universidad de Carmen Miranda so he could eventually stop being a security guard…


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  1. Ha! Best pic yet!
    The look on your face says “I can’t wait to get you back to the boudoir my pastel coloured fabric friend”, whilst your partner’s says Which way to the fire exit.”

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