Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #371


After a few too many sloe gin fizzes, Clara felt triumphantly sexy and decided that this was the day she would seduce the cute mailman who was always bringing her those delightful paychecks. Sadly, she was fully unaware that her fizz-spattered outfit was a libido-killing outrage, especially when one factored in the ugliest pockets known to mankind. The mailman forced a noncommittal smile, gently laid Clara’s deliveries on the furthest edge of the porch, and then ran like hell…


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  1. LOL!

    “Ignore the stains on this frock, dah-ling…wait! WAIT! You were supposed to put that package directly in my hands! Pay no attention to the wadded-up, chloroform-soaked handkerchiefs stuffed in these gawd-awful pockets!”


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