Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #394


Mirror: “Wow, that’s never happened to me before.”

Jennifer Aniston’s Grandmother: “Are you talking about the crack?”

Mirror: “Well, if you mean the break in my glass and not the recreational activity happening in the other room, then yes.”

JAG: “Hmm. I’m sure it’s not your fault. Mirrors just seem to behave inappropriately when I get near them.”

Mirror: “If you don’t mind my sharing, I believe I might know the root cause for this situation.”

JAG: “Please proceed. The internet hasn’t been invented yet and I have plenty of time on my hands.”

Mirror: “It’s that bun you’ve got going on. It’s huge and intimidating, enough so that it can cause anxiety and stress, leading to fractures in otherwise inanimate objects. And how on earth were you able to create such a follicular monstrosity?”

JAG: “Yeah, that. Well, I feel that we’ve become close in our time together, so I think we can share things I normally wouldn’t share with wall decorations that I’ve just met. There’s more involved here than just hair.”

Mirror: “Really? What else do you have up in there?”

JAG: “The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”


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