Present Tense

Present Tense – #10


And so it goes, in the Land of Bonnywood, there will be times when, despite my yearning to exude an aura of professionalism and skill, that I will fall through the cracks of said professionalism and land with a resounding thud. It’s not a pretty scene, with me floundering about in an ooze of shame and degradation.

One of those times just happened.

I was innocently perusing the latest offerings on Margo’s delightful site, that little voice, when I chanced upon a post entitled “Scary Sign”. This was a proffering of “fun and scary” photos with a Halloween theme. At the tail end of said display, there was a snap of a Trump/Pence sign in someone’s yard. I found this amusing, and therefore a comment was imperative. However, someone had already commented about the sign, and it was only polite that I not act like I was the first to notice the placard, so I had to modulate my response to acknowledge Those Who Had Been There and Done That Before Me. Sadly, there was a breach of proper keyboard-operation protocol, and things went south.

Herewith, the conversation:

Me: “Agreed, that last one sent a child down my spine…”

Margo: “Pray tell what child did you have playing on your spine?”

Me: “See, this is what I get for trying to type after gorging myself on a lovely buttermilk chess pie that was calling my name from the kitchen. Isn’t it amazing how the mistyping of one letter can suddenly make a comment VERY creepy?”

Margo: “Creepy? Yes.”

End trans.

So now I’m assuming that Margo, staunch supporter of doing the right thing that she is, has alerted the appropriate authorities that I may be one of those evildoers who coerces small children to check me for signs of scoliosis. (Fair disclosure: Margo probably laughed it off and then went to make her own buttermilk chess pie, because why wouldn’t you want one after someone mentions such?) Still, I’m sitting here at my hallowed writing desk, waiting for a knock on the door. Perhaps I should eat the rest of the pie in case it’s the last one I ever see…



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    • It IS delicioso. One of the Fiesta grocery stores (not sure if you have those) near the house makes the best chess pies and they are super cheap. Six bucks for a whole, three bucks for a half. I’ll do creepy every time to get me some of that… 😉

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  1. Oh! I thought along with the child down your back, you had misspelled cheese pie. Are you sure you weren’t drinking? LOL
    I have no idea what a chess pie is….maybe a pie made out of that poor child you had crawling down your spine?

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    • LOL! A chess pie is generally eggs, butter, sugar and vanilla, then you add whatever “flavor”, like buttermilk or lemon or chocolate. (Not that you asked for a recipe, just sharing.) I really like them, but I like pies in general. P.S. The drinking came later… 😉


    • I wasn’t sure, so I did a bit of research: Apparently “chess pie” is a variation of “chest pie”, from the days when you would make a pie and then store it in a pie chest or pie safe. This might be a total lie, but the article I found seemed to be on the up and up… 😉

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