Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #389


Once again, the members of Omega Delta Dawn make the walk of shame back to the sorority house after questionable decisions were made at the nearby fraternity…

Betty, far left: “You’d think I’d learn one of these days that I shouldn’t drink anything a man is offering. They always lie, and there’s always gin. They even put it in Jello now. I never want another dessert for the rest of my life.”

Wilma, near left: “And they lie about what they have in their rooms. I thought I was getting the answers for the chemistry exam. Apparently those answers were on his mattress somewhere but I never found them.”

Pebbles, near right: “At least you had a mattress. I was just trying to tidy up the kitchen and suddenly I was in the spin cycle before I even turned on the dishwasher. Nothing says humiliation like having the imprint of a waffle iron on your forehead.”

Dina, far right: “All of you need to shut the hell up. You might be able to rise above this. But I’m a blonde, so I’m already in the cellar of respectability. And now my panties are whirling on a ceiling fan in the Alpha Mega Testica house. I might as well head back home and marry my cousin.”


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  1. there is not a person on earth that has not walked that walk in one way or another . what you did a second ago it over the next minute is a new start to get it right. Don’t Beat yourself up there are enough people willing to do it for free gladly


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