Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #399


Mae Rose, left: “Why are they making us pose for this picture?”

Clara, right: “Because our parents are misguided fools who think that the mere act of procreation has elevated them to an award-worthy status and we are their trophies, as if no one else has ever copulated in the history of the planet.”

Mae Rose: “That seems a bit harsh. Maybe they just love us and want to capture this image of a time before we became truculent teenagers intent on destroying their souls.”

Clara: “Oh, please. To them, we’re just annoying little tax deductions with no voting power.”

Mae Rose: “I don’t understand why you’re so bitter. We came from the same womb. How did we turn out so differently?”

Clara: “That’s a question you need to ask the mailman.”


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      • LOL. She didn’t look like the others. Hell, I told my youngest daughter she was from Jupiter and I told my son he was from Mars.
        He, being a smart little whippersnapper, said “no I wasn’t. If I was, I would be green.” I quickly squelched his doubt by saying “no, when you hit the Earths’ atmosphere, you turned peach.” ( He thought he was peach and his oldest sister was black.) She was always tan from playing soccer. LOL
        When my youngest daughter came home from school, she (also being smart) said “mom, we need to talk!” (She’s six years old.)
        “YOU told me I was from planet Jupiter and when I told my teacher, she said I couldn’t be!” OOPS.

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        • I think it would have been a lot of fun growing up in your house. It sounds like there was so much more creativity going on there than in my own home, where any rebuttals that I might have were countered with “Because I said so.” Then again, the creativity can sometimes bite you in the ass… 😉

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          • Ha. I told my middle daughter that capers were rat turds. Only when she was in her thirties and somebody at the firehouse was getting ready to add some capers, did she find out it wasn’t the case. (That resulted in a phone call…”mom!”) LOL

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  1. We used to tease our youngest brother he was the milkman’s because he looked so different – dark while we were fair/mousey – and we thought he was spoilt (he still is!) 😄 I only discovered quite recently that he was never really certain if it was true or not!

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