Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #421


Surgeon General’s Warning: Studies have shown that the over-consumption of alcohol is perhaps the only way to survive awkward social engagements with people who have never read a book in their entire lives…


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  1. She has “I’m going to chop you up and feed you to my cats” eyes – you’d need to be drunk to ward off the chopping as cats really don’t like pickled meat. In fact she is probably drinking the blood of the last unfortunate sober person she cam across.

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  2. Oh yes. I have to go to a work related Christmas party tomorrow where I’ll spend a great deal of time chatting with my good friend, Capt. Morgan.

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  3. ROFL! I have that “Death Stare” perfected, with or without alcohol! My upbringing caused me to develop it at an early age…hence the “shades” I use on my favourite emoji!


  4. I have on occasion met some fascinating people who have ‘never read a book’ even met one fellow who had, until quite recently, never used a phone. I know that phrase has become a bit of a catch-all for people who don’t share our opinions or beliefs but I thought it was worth pointing out that ‘not reading’ isn’t always synonymous with ‘not intelligent’. That’s all, you can carry on with the drinking now.

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    • Hey, Anthony. I see the point you’re presenting, but I think it’s fair to say that my words didn’t imply that anyone was not intelligent. They did imply that people who don’t read books are often not as entertaining at parties as one would hope, and those people pop up at all points on the political spectrum, as well as at all parties. And the photo implies that socially-escapist drinking can lead to Bette Davis Eyes and not-particularly-attractive hairstyles… 😉

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