Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #406


Glenda, far left: “And Ted thought that just because I dance in a burlesque show that he could have his way with me! I broke up with him on the spot. I’m not going to be with a man who thinks we should have constant sex at all hours.”

Brenda, near left: “Holy cow. Where does Ted get off thinking that? Just because a girl is trying to make a living doesn’t mean she’s loose. Good thing you dumped him.”

Lucinda, near right: “Where do these guys come up with their ideas? What do you think, Jane?”

Jane, far right: “I think I need to get ready for my date with Ted.”


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  1. Well there are his brothers.
    Fred, who wants to have inconstant sex at all hours.
    Ned, who wants to have constant sex at specific hours.
    Red. who wants to have sex at sometime or other, expect on Tuesdays and February 21st.

    BTW – WordPress is doing strange wide-screen settings on the Reader again. Our shots are in Wide-screen-what’s-the-matter. 😀

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    • And THAT is one family reunion I don’t want to attend. And as for WordPress, I am not impressed that they are once again jacking with things, showing a complete disregard for the longtime users in the hopes of attracting new users and shoving more advertising at us…

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      • What I found interesting, was when I went to the asemic writing tag, one of my images was featured at the top. I assume it was because I had posted so many under that tag recently – still looks terrible. If you have three or more images in a post, it now shows them in a gallery format, rather than a single stretched-cropped image.

        Definitely playing to reading blogs on new digital devices and emphasizing posts with lots of visual content.

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