Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #416


Marlon, inner voice: “Why do I insist on bringing my wife to these staff meetings?”

Elizabeth, outer voice: “Where the hell is my vodka gimlet? I ordered one an hour ago.”

Marlon, outer voice: “Honey, let’s hold off a bit. I don’t know who you ordered from, but they won’t be bringing you alcohol. That’s not what they do here.”

Elizabeth, inner voice: “What possessed me to marry this man? Was I that desperate to get away from my parents?”

Elizabeth, outer voice: “You are really annoying me right now. Why can’t you support your wife?”

Marlon, inner voice: “Apparently paying all the bills so you don’t have to get off the couch in the living room is not considered supportive.”

Marlon, outer voice: “Honey, perhaps we shouldn’t direct our anger in ways that are not productive. You know I support you completely.”

Marlon, inner voice: “Not really. Especially when it comes to that breach-birth hairdo you picked out.”

Elizabeth, inner voice: “He’s acting like I don’t know that he would rather be with his military buddies than spend two seconds with me. I know his type. I was in a movie with Rock Hudson years ago.”

Elizabeth, outer voice, not realizing she had shifted modes: “I guess he’s only in it for my trust fund.”

Marlon, inner voice: “Trust fund? News to me. I might be able to tolerate that hairdo after all.”

Marlon, outer voice: “What’s this about a trust fund, my beloved angel? Is there some money I don’t know about?”

Elizabeth, inner voice: “Aw, hell. See, this is what happens when people don’t bring me vodka gimlets when I ask for them.”

Elizabeth, outer voice: “Oh, that. Well, it’s in Daddy’s will that if I produce an heir, I get seven million dollars.”

Marlon, outer voice: “Seriously? Then we should get to producing.”

Elizabeth, outer and inner voice: “But that means we have to actually have sex.”

Marlon, outer and inner voice: “Hmm. Can I convince you to wear a uniform?”

Man behind the couple, leaning over to his partner, outer voice: “Girl, this just got really interesting.”


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  1. Oh goodness, Brian. For a moment, I thought I was reading a lost play by Tennessee Williams. The inner/outer voices were great! This is like a deleted scene from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Liz probably did guzzle vodka gimlets to wash her painkillers down. I love these shorts.

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  2. I wanted to swear. Because I now I have to go watch a dreadfully angst ridden Sixties psychodrama about alcohol and sex again to remember it. Did you know Brando wouldn’t let Liz sharpen his pencil because he said her butt was too small? Picky, picky, picky…

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