Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #441


Marlon, center left: “Honey, these gentlemen would like to speak to you about our houseboy who went missing last night.”

Elizabeth, center right: “Why on earth would they think I had anything to do with that?”

Marlon: “Well, it’s your hair, dear. It’s obvious that it can’t be all yours so there must be something shoved up in there.”

Elizabeth: “So you think I’m using the hired help to give me volume?”

Marlon: “Well, it does sound a bit odd when you put it like that. But we can’t find him. And you were the last person he was seen with, when the two of you were spotted singing show tunes on the lanai.”

Elizabeth: “This is absurd. I think this is all a charade you planned out just so your beastly army buddies can ogle my stellar breasts.”

Marlon: “Well, I must say that I didn’t see that line coming.”

Elizabeth: “Of course you didn’t. You never pay attention to anything. But I do. Like the bandage on your temple. What’s going on with that? Did you hurt yourself when you snuffed out the life of the houseboy because he can carry a tune and you can’t?”

Marlon: “Actually, no. I got this laceration last night in bed when you flipped over and your hair came at me like a weed-whacker in heat.”


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  1. Liz Taylor….what more can be said. She brought the drama in her life. Your dialogue between her & Marlon Brando is priceless. Have you ever done a Cary Grant Past Imperfect? I rewatched North by Northwest. That is screaming for this treatment.

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    • Actually, if I’ve tagged things correctly, I’ve done 3 Cary Grant Past Imperfects, although none of them involve “North by Northwest”. Interestingly enough, Terry and I just watched “Hitchcock”, the 2012 “biography” of Hitch making “Psycho”, starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. (It’s quite lovely, if you haven’t had the chance to peruse it.) And during the viewing, we both agreed that we needed to watch NXNW again, as it had been long enough for both of us that it was worth a fresh visit. In any case, as I’m starting to ramble, I’m not sure if you know about my “Crusty Pie” blog, as it’s hard to keep up with the followers across three blogs. Crusty Pie is where I creakily give birth to all of the Past Imperfects. Some of them make it over here to Bonnywood, some of them do not, it just depends. Here’s a link to what I’ve done with Cary over there: . Enjoy!

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        • Now, in a fumbly attempt at a narrative transition, where should I be going to find your own fresh posts? WordPress or Blogger? On your WordPress site, I get the impression that I should be dashing off to Blogger for the latest, but on the Blogger site, I am unable to like posts or follow the blog, even though I have a Blogger account and still have several “live” (but dormant) blogs. Perhaps this is all my own inability to comprehend life, which should come as a surprise to no one, but I’d like to make sure I am fully connected with your musings. Please advise, Fair Lady of Leighton…


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