Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #454

Harry, far left: “Now, son, this might not sound too good, but we had to sell you off so we could pay the internet bill. This here nice man is gonna take you for a while until we figure somethin’ else out.”

George, supposedly Nice Man: “We’re gonna have a swell time, you and I. Adventure awaits! And I’ve got lots of fun outfits for you to wear that are in color instead of this dreary black-and-white mess.”

Buddy, not relishing the prospect of being a fashion model, despite the tantalizing variety of hues: “I don’t like you. And that’s a stupid hat. But I gotta do what my daddy says and then deal with it later when I start a blog using a fake name.”

Agnes, far right, born bitter: “Harry, I don’t like him either. And it is a stupid hat. Are we doin’ the right thing?”

Harry: “Now, Bitter Agnes, if we don’t do this, we lose the internet and you won’t be able to watch all those ‘Orange Is the New Black’ shows you like so much.”

Agnes: “Here’s your suitcase, son. Momma packed it special.”


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  1. Buddy will be depressed until that blog nets him 46,137 followers and he gets colorful outfits sent to his door for free and models them for his “friends” at various museums in major cities around the world. His biggest hit for that blog will be a bit of free verse about the stupid hat. Don’t make me expose it here.

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