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Blogger Spotlight: Ilakkiyaa at “Serendipitous Ramblings”


I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy blogs where you aren’t quite sure what you’re going to get from day to day. Ilakkiyaa’s work fits quite nicely into that concept. In her own words (I hope she doesn’t mind that I blatantly stole this from one of her own comments): “My literary endeavors coincide with my multiple personalities and range from frivolous to tragic”. Perfect.

Ilakkiyaa even comes packaged with an especially apt moniker, of which I’m slightly jealous. Another theft from her comments (perhaps I have a burgeoning issue?): “Here’s a fun fact about my name. It means ‘classic’ and is derived from the word Ilakkiyam in the Tamil language meaning literature.” How can a writer not want a name like that? But I’m drifting a bit from my main point, which is that Ilakkiyaa might provide a reflective poem one day, a contemplation of a remembered childhood photo on another, or (as in the example below) a fine and funny rumination on circumstances and choice. Enjoy.


La Vie En Bleu a.k.a. The Conjugality Crisis


A dear friend of mine was gracious enough to ruin my last birthday with the enthusiastic comment, “Wow! You’re a leap year away from being 30!”

After an appropriate reply, the details of which I do not wish to taint my blog space with, I proceeded to contemplate the statement. It was indeed true, and a grave issue. Being in your late 20s gives you the air of someone who is young enough to be adventurous and old enough to know what you’re doing, but 4 years down the line I will cross the threshold over to Spinster territory as per the Indian definition. And since I don’t exactly see myself getting married or having kids (for the greater good of humanity), I must brace myself for deep fecal matter.

You see, single women are a dangerous species in India, running wild and threatening mankind with their utter helplessness to take care of themselves and are hunted down in holy matrimony before they can hope to corrupt the society. They can be independent and self sufficient but that is irrelevant of course. How can a woman be deemed to be respectable when she has not known the sign of maturity that is marriage and when she *collective gasp* does not want kids??

So, in order to sustain my singular status I need something stronger than my phobia of commitment to root for me. (Interestingly there is not even an equivalent of ‘commitment issues’ in my mother tongue. It would seem that such a disease does not exist in this hemisphere and I probably caught the infection binge watching Friends and Romedy Now). Hence I have opted for an even better method to ward off potential grooms and hopefully make sure they remain single too, in case I change my mind later on – Tales Of Matrimonial Disasters And Monster Kids, The Extended Version.

I have hordes of stories to dip into of course and it helps that I see the marital world with deep seated psychological issues and the blue tinted glasses that I purchased as a kid, and those obviously got darker with the help of certain innocent romantic endeavours. Childhood and love – the two most celebrated aspects of our existence that inevitably manage to screw us up for life. Father issues, mother issues, sibling rivalry, peer pressure, Nazi affiliated schools, stupid romcoms and implausible fairy tales – is it any wonder that Freud had a heyday analysing this stuff? All he needed to do what write down the obvious to win accolades.

I digress. The matter remains that I must strive to keep my head above water by dragging my wedded counterparts deep below it. It helps if they have procreated. Nothing instils horror like the possible demolition of inner peace. Kids are lovely, fair and meek but they’re destroying the living room as we speak, and we have years to go before we sleep. Something along those lines should do it.

Of course, I have a mind so fickle it borders on multiple personalities, so there is every chance that my next post may be a wedding invitation. But as of now, this is how things stand.

Ooh, the sweet smell of burnt milk and possible discord is wafting in from my neighbour’s kitchen and we all know what a delightful discourse that can lead to. Now if you’d excuse me, I need to find a pencil. This is promising stuff.


You can peruse more of Ilakkiyaa’s work by clicking here. If you have comments specifically for Ilakkiyaa, please be gracious enough to make them on the original post found here so Ilakkiyaa can be assured of receiving your feedback.

P.S. Not to steal the spotlight, but I often get questions about the particular photos I choose for a piece. In this case, I went with a snap taken during a trip to Malaga, Spain, and I stylized it a bit. I think it complements the thrust of the story. The whole world is out there, but those opportunities are often obscured by the traditional path that we are expected to take.


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  1. Why do I feel like the nerd who got accepted into a popular sorority house? 😁😁😁
    To have you, of all people, reblog a humourous post of mine is a dream. I’m pretty sure some of your satire managed to fire my fingers on this one. I hope that qualifies as flattery and not plagiarism 😅
    Oh, and I’m happy to know that you like the variety. I tried to figure out where my expertise lies as far as blogging is concerned, and discovered that I’m not particularly good at anything. (No surprises there. )Sigh. Hence the medley of mediocre prose, poetry and photography that I hope gets better with time 😛

    Liked by 3 people

    • If you’ll allow this jaded and sometimes crotchety man to pass on some tiny nuggets of wisdom, it would be this: Keep on doing exactly what you’re doing. You might not feel like you have a true focus, but you have a way with words, something so many people don’t. Embrace that, and don’t worry about finding the right path. You’ll figure it out as you go along, and the right people will tag along behind you…

      Liked by 2 people

      • I should hope so, because I don’t seem to know how to do anything else. Forget the road less taken, I’m trampling grass on my own path through the wilderness. Maybe some day this trail will be known after me 😉

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Very entertaining! I look forward to the wedding invite post and subsequent coming out as someone who kicks with the other foot. (I jest.)
    Thank you Brian, for giving me something juicy to read to get me through this miserable winter. Anna Karenina can’t cut the mustard, as yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent combination of visual composition and prose . 🙂 Great introduction to another creative blogger. Off to explore her blog in greater depth.

    Your blogs have a wonderful sense of creative tangential thinking. They inspire me think outside of the box.
    Another blogger that helps re-charge me is John Sapiro, another creative blend of divergent media forms. Keep up the creative work.

    Liked by 1 person

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