Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #450


Linda was surprised that her employer would walk in on her like that. Her employer was surprised that his maid had completely misunderstood his request that she clean the cobwebs out of the corners…


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  1. In the words of the great Tony Stark (Iron Man 2) – “I want one.” Great complexion. I’ve never quite mastered the art of wearing full makeup and not sweating off my foundation in the bathtub. She is a genius.

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    • More Oklahoma weirdness…In Arcadia there’s a round barn on old Route 66. Maybe a thousand times my father told me, like it was funny after the first time, “You know they found an old drunk fella dead in there a while back.”
      “Yep. Walked himself to death lookin’ for a corner to pee in.” Gospel.

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      • I’ve walked a few miles in those circular shoes, mmm hmm. (P.S. I consider myself pretty savvy about Oklahoma, but Arcadia did not ring a bell. Looked it up on Google, and the first image that popped up was the round barn…)


        • East of Edmond. Too much backstory elsewhere, but dad could drive a loop from Delores’s on 23rd, out past Lake Overholser before the sun was down and the hookers were out all the way down Britton, around the other lake, down and out the extension, out Edmond Rd padTe Arcadia and back to civilization telling gangster and bootlegger stories…almost every Friday…

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  2. Given that the bath ‘tub” was handily set up in front of the roaring fire in the TOWER, the maid was justified. She realized that towers have no corners and therefore her obtuse employer must have meant the kootchie cobwebs…well was it HER fault she never got busy any more? 23 hours a day scrubbing and peeling and cleaning up after that slob left her exhausted and out of the joie de verve (which I undoubtedly have totally misspelled. Sorry) of boinkety boink boink boink that used to make her the star of any lusty productions..

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    • This comment has clarified an enormous amount of things about you. Not the things that I WANTED clarified, but still, spreadsheets will be updated and memos will be sent. Naturally, I’m kidding. Or am I? Let the deliberations commence. Oh, and make sure somebody orders pizza. Everything is better with pizza… 😉


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