Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #461


PR Consultant: “Wow. What exactly were you thinking when you posed for this photo?”

Myrna: “Well, initially I thought it would be a brave depiction of what Hollywood actresses look like without all the glamour and makeup.”

PR Consultant: “Uh huh. And did you have any second thoughts?”

Myrna: “Actually, yes. I did briefly wonder if this image might inspire a future actress by the name of Lindsay Lohan to do stupid things with her career. But then I got over it, because you can blame other people all you want, but what happens in your life is really up to you.”

PR Consultant: “That sounds rather deep. What led you to this moment of epiphany?”

Myrna: “Well, you can see the photo. I clearly didn’t have enough hair conditioner in my life at the time, and this causes one to reflect on their priorities.”

PR Consultant: “That sounds a bit weak. So did you have an epiphany or not?”

Myrna: “I have no idea. It appears that the next page in my script is missing. Perhaps you can ask the writer?”

PR Consultant: “Writer Man, where were you going with this?”

Brian: “Um, well… I really don’t know. I had a strong beginning, but now I’m at a loss and I’m fumbling around trying to reach a witty conclusion. I just thought the photo was really swell and I started typing before I had a goal in mind.”

PR Consultant: “Uh huh. And did you have any second thoughts?”

Brian: “I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have given you a voice in this piece of flash fiction. Perhaps I should start hitting this little backspace key.”

Myrna: “And what about me? I’m stranded in front of the camera without any decent dialogue. Have you no shame?”

Brian: “No. That’s why I blog.”


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  1. Myrna Loy had a lot of bad hair days running up to the mid Thirties. But her late Twenties cheesecake business? Bad hair, who notices? You have no shame? The lady herself was the mistress of the shameless “oops, look what almost shows” shot. Myrna Loy and Rita Hayworth…Had I been young at the time I would have gotten arrested just for what I was thinking.

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    • Well, as someone who has (centuries ago) posed for tawdry and ribald photos, I shouldn’t really pass judgment. Of course, that’s not going to stop me, but I shouldn’t. P.S. So you had a thing for Hayworth, eh? Interesting. [scribbles in plot-development notebook]

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  2. HAHAHHA!!! This was actually an early work of Georges-Pierre Seurat or Paul Signac – who was so obscure, but developed the pointillist style of art…for which Ms. Myrna was handily around the right age and being new to ‘fame’ herself, posed for them for free. Of course she had no idea they’d make her look like she just woke up in an alley after a three day bender from drinking Blue Nun and smoking clove cigarettes. That shit can mess up the BEST hair…

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    • Still and all, the Bohemian rhapsody lifestyle is one that I greatly admire. I still feel cheated in that I was not given a proper birth year that would have allowed me to chum around Montmarte with Gertrude Stein. I was clearly born in the wrong decade… 😉


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