Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #420


Bette: “I’m so over all of this.”

Leslie: “What has you feeling so blue, my love? The lack of decent roles for older women in Hollywood?”

Bette: “No, I’m tired of this tiny woman trying to show me her crotch all the time.”

Leslie: “She does seem rather proud of it.”


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    • Of course, that stiff mascara might explain why Bette doesn’t just close her eyes so she doesn’t have to deal with Tiny Dancer. And then there’s poor Leslie, who doesn’t seem to have eyebrows, let alone eyelashes, at least from this angle…

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  1. Bette: And I’m tired of trying to carry on. It’s just so so so EXHAUSTING. Get me a cigarette would you? There’s a dear. Somehow I know that along with my trowel mascara and obscure references to porcelain kootchie, that cylinder of carcinogenic joy and tobacco is going to become a TRADEMARK. All this thinking is making me faint, I think I’ll grab the mantle and try to ….. hold…. on.
    Leslie: Over acting went out a long time ago. And there was no monologue for YOU marked in the script anyway. You bat eyed bimbo.

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    • Porcelain Kootchie: “You now, all of this fuss is really about nothing. I wasn’t trying to show my France to anyone. I was merely on my way out the door to milk the cow when this giant chapeau crash-landed in my nethers and nearly killed Bette on the way in. That’s the first thing you should learn about Hollywood. Nothing is ever as it seems.”


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