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Blogger Spotlight: Claudette at “Ceenoa”


I first got to know Claudette in a visual manner, so to speak, through the lovely photography on her site. Her images and vistas ranged from tiny to expansive, and she would fiddle with angles and textures and perspectives, sometimes using filters and post-production techniques to lead us in a different direction. It was the altered images, in my own humble opinion, that were the most captivating, taking an image we thought we knew and showing it to us in a different light.

Then I discovered her poems and stories and musings, and I was happy to learn that they followed the same path, focusing on details that we might have missed had she not pointed the direction. It was the perfect way to start the friendship that we now have, peeling back unique layers, one a at a time, such as the following piece where Claudette shares her thoughts on how we find contentment. Enjoy.


I’ve been thinking…happiness

I’ve been thinking about happiness.

All the different ways we humans try to find it, strive for it, keep it, pretend about it and encourage it.

There is so much in social media about “how to be happy”, “do this to be happy”, “blah, blah, blah happy” – and some of it is worthwhile, a lot of it is irritating, and large part of it is just advertising for “the next big thing”, or indeed, the last “slightly-small-thing-that-has-been-rehashed” – and most of it is absolute rubbish!

Despite attempts by many people to improve social media with positive images and messages (which, actually, sometime have the complete opposite effect on me), I don’t think you’re going to usually find meaningful “happiness” on the internet.  If you have been one of the lucky ones to do so, I congratulate you.

So, I’ve been thinking about “being happy” – and what does that mean to other people?  I have a cousin who famously/infamously (well, within a small portion of my family anyway) said “I don’t do happy”; part of me admired that and part of me was appalled.  The expectations that we should present a happy facade, most of, if not all of, the time has always been a see-saw contradiction for me.

Let me tell you what I mean….

A while ago, well a few years ago actually, a new person started where I worked.  They came with an attitude of “happiness” – by this I mean that if you asked them how they were (as you tend to do with those you work with) you would get “extraordinary, fantastic, great” or similar descriptives.  They explained that they wanted to look at the world positively, to stop being as negative as they had been, and had decided to do it this way.

Ok, that sounded like a good idea, I thought, I might try that.

So I did, for a while.

For a while it made me happy, but then I started to feel deceitful, and became resentful of saying “I’m fine, things are great” when I really didn’t feel that way.  Was it wrong to tell the truth about how I was feeling?  Did I have to try and make other people feel happy by telling them what they would prefer to hear, rather than what I wanted to say?  Was my state of mind, my happiness (even when I wasn’t really happy), less important than theirs?

I came to the conclusion that, ironically, sometimes my happiness depends on me not pretending to be happy!  I don’t need to be the doom and gloom of the party, I don’t need to bore you with whatever is making me unhappy, but if you ask me “how are you?” on one of those days, you’re going to get a variable answer – depending on where you sit on my “closeness” scale.

I want to be positive, and I am practicing and becoming better at it, because being positive in thought and actions does have a good impact on your life.  Even when it isn’t completely true it can still have meaning to me, when I know that I am trying to reach a level of “feel good” but I just need a teeny bit of self-pretend motivation to get me past the bump on the path.

Being free to be true to myself, and speak truly about that, is the base of my happiness … and I won’t sacrifice that just to make someone else happy.


You can peruse more of Claudette’s main blog by clicking here. If you have comments specifically for Claudette, please be gracious enough to make them on the original post found here (on her professional blog) so Claudette can be assured of receiving your feedback.

Story behind the photo: This is a ceiling in one of the many rooms at the Alcazaba in Malaga, Spain. I felt that the interesting patterns, and the fact that you could easily miss this if you didn’t look up, is a nice nod to Claudette’s attention to detail in her photography…


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  1. Oh Brian – you say such lovely things. I am deeply chuffed at how you described me, and my blog, and deep chuffiness does not happen often in my life. Thanks so, so much for your delightful words. I hereby endow you with the (never-before-gifted) Bonza True-Blue Dinky-Di Mateship Award – long may your words echo in the world.

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  2. if you attend the work place all happy go lucky, you’ll be a) despised by your colleagues and b) used as a stick to beat your peers with by management. This may be fine because of a) but helping management! Come on! This is the work place we’re talking about.
    Anyway as I spend another day searching through the jobs page wondering where my career nose dived can I just thank you Brian, for posting this excellent piece and I shall now go and thanks the author 🙂

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    • Luckily, I have left the workplace behind, at least one with any structure, as I am now retired at the amazingly supple age of 22 (complete lie about my age, just go with it) and I am now surviving on a questionable combination of savings and investments that may or may not get me through the next two months (another lie there, keep going). In any case, the only workplace conflict I now have to deal with is kicking my own ass to do something productive. The outcome of said conflict fluctuates hourly… 😉

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      • I’ve got to admit, Brian, I saw through your age lie almost immediately. It wasn’t so much your photo that felled the fib but there was a definite ‘I know not what’ that gave it away. Probably the quality of the quips in your scripts. 🙂

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  3. I feel all refreshed, rosy and wrinkled from bathing in my sister’s reflected glory! She is well worth reading – I love her musings which so often touch on a small but significant part of life with a quirky twist. Happy Spotlight sis! ( well – I shall now go over to Claudette’s blog and pay homage there as per your directions Brian)

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    • Ah, yes, my self-exposure. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that such actions on my part often lead to interesting situations. Luckily, this latest incident apparently had a happy ending and no one had to hire a lawyer… 😉

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