Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #464


Ramon: “Aw, hell, why are you crying this time?”

Harriet: “I just feel so blue about our relationship. We seem to be in a rough patch and I don’t know why. Is it something I’ve done?”

Ramon: “Not really. Although maybe you shouldn’t cling to me like I’ve got the last bottle of gin in the whole city.”

Harriet” “Is it my outfit? Did I go too far with the sparkly gold headband?”

Ramon: “I hadn’t noticed, especially since this is a black and white movie. You can’t tell gold from a hole in the ground, but it does make it seem as if you’ve suffered a head wound during a debutante ball.”

Harriet: “Then I’ll take it off! I’ll hurl the wretched thing over the side of the building. Anything to make you happy. And if I can’t make you happy, then I’ll hurl myself as well!”

Ramon: “You really need to stop reading whatever books you’re reading.”

Harriet: “Done! I will never read anything again. I love you with all the melodrama coursing through my veins. You just have to tell me what’s troubling you and I will immediately fix the problem.”

Ramon: “Well…”

Harriet: “Yes, my paycheck-enhanced love?”

Ramon: “I can see in the mirror over there that the fool in Makeup jacked up my lipstick. Do you happen to have any Max Factor #47 on you?”


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