Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #477


Anne, far left: “Well, what do we have here? It appears that George has arrived, dubiously escorting some young strumpet with stars in her eyes. How gauche.”

Bette, near left: “Oh, come now, Anne. If memory serves, you were the strumpet in question a mere two days ago, when I found you practically wetting yourself in the alley behind the theater where I was performing. Just because you got here first doesn’t mean that you have any better chance at ruining my career than the harlot on George’s arm. Let’s hear what the inappropriately-matched couple has to say. George? Pray tell.”

Marilyn, near right: “Before my Uncle Daddy opens his acidic mouth and verbally slaughters both of you, I’d like to point out that, despite the fact that I have better breasts than everyone in this entire building, I have actually read a book or two. And the only time I have been on my back in order to advance my career was the unfortunate time when I lost my footing whilst performing opera at the Teatro de Milagro in Barcelona. It was completely unplanned, of course, but The Pope just happened to be in the audience. And he was so moved by my physical interpretation of Mary Magdalene’s devotion to Jesus that he issued a papal decree that I should be canonized and churches should be built in my virginal honor. Now, what were you saying about the worthiness of me being escorted by my Uncle Daddy?”

Anne: “I’m thinking that I need to learn opera.”

Bette: “And I’m thinking that I now understand why all of the Kennedy brothers will eventually line up to watch you flop on your back again.”

George, far right: “Well, then. With so many people around me eating crow, I just realized that I’m a bit famished. Could you point us in the direction of the tapas bar?”


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  1. Guffaw!! And actually that “I smell something really UNSAVORY” look on ol’ Bette’s mug is perhaps a left over from her chained to the bed ‘sister’ Joan. Bette did have the sneer down pat. Thanks for the giggle…I never knew Marilyn did anything vaguely cerebral…but this film was obviously prior to the vat of bleach they dumped on her head, thus killing whatever active brain cells still lived after the brush with silicon. (I know she was actually a very savvy business woman, only a tad neurotic). Still she left a legacy. “Don’t mess with them Kennedys…”

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    • I’m in the (admittedly small) camp that believes that there was much more to Marilyn than people were allowed to see. I think she was miscast and misused essentially from the beginning, and this was further complicated by her seeking of validation from people who could not give that to her. I’m not sure where to jump in, but one inlet is her performance in “Bus Stop”. It’s tender and touching. Still, she made a lot of bad choices, and high on the list would be the Kennedy brothers, who knew more than they told about a certain day in 1962. I have a blog post about that whole mess somewhere in the archives…


  2. I’ll have to go root around and find that. I was two when she died, so the only things I know about her are what my mother told me (she was a SLUT…Jackie was so noble…etc etc) and a lesbian acquaintance who had a fixation *koff koff* OBSESSION with Marilyn. I always thought she was a lost person (Candle in the Wind) who probably was highly misunderstood, but who had a lot of ‘steel’ under that sex-symbol exterior. And who among us wouldn’t feel a little entitled after having a president, a major league ball player, and however many others lusting after us? I know I wouldn’t be exempt anyhow…

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    • In the end, none of us, really, are truly perceived as the person we know ourselves to be. A select few get close, but there are always bits of mystery left untold.

      Yes, I’m getting philosophical in the wee hours of a Wednesday morning. In fact, I might have to slap this on Facebook just to remind folks that I do have deeper thoughts… 😉


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