Past Imperfect – #128


Casting Call on the set of “Peach Blossom Clambake” –

Starlet #1: “I’m going to smile like hell even though I know I’m having a bad hair day. Momma always said that clean, pretty teeth will keep you out of jail.”

Starlet #2: “”Eventually I will give birth to Christina Ricci!”

Starlet #3: “I have the biggest breasts. I should at least get a walk-on, unless George Cukor is directing this. But maybe I should tone down the Hitler symbolism…”

Starlet #4: “I have enough prescription drugs coursing through my body that I don’t care if I get this or not. But I sure would like a pizza.”

Starlet #5: “Eventually I will give birth to Sarah Silverman!”

Starlet #6: “I am so screwed. The skank on my right has a hairdo bigger than an aircraft carrier and the palm tree on my left is bigger than my apartment. They’re not going to notice me even if I rear back and give birth to an alien. Welcome to Hollywood.”


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 04/06/15 and “Bonnywood Manor” on 06/14/15.


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  1. In complete agreement with the others, spotting Christina Ricci’s mama was a clever bit of detective work.
    Also, I too am very familiar with Starlet 6’s role, with the exception it never bothered me to remain anonymous. It’s so easy to get away with things when no one’s watching.

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    • Now that you’ve caused me to ponder and reflect, you might be on to something with the joys of anonymity. Many of my greatest clandestine escapades were successful and non-litigated because there was no around to go “hey, isn’t that the geeky nerd Brian who takes all those creative writing classes? Should he really be climbing that thing?”

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  2. Man, I found a shot a lot like this to use as a short story image. Gotta love Fifties cheesecake. So do two of them have their ankles crossed the wrong way, or is it the other three? Is this a precursor to McCartney being out of step on the cover of “Abbey Road”?

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    • I also noticed the Ankle-Crossing Disparity (sounds like a great sci-fi book, eh?), but I didn’t make the now-obvious leap to the McCartney connection. Let me find out the story behind this pic. Please hold and listen to some crappy Muzak…. Well, damn. I can’t find anything on this photo, not even using my trusty tricks in Google. I smell conspiracy…


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