Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #27


The remaining members of Donald Trump’s Cabinet take time out from their country-club activities to hurriedly pose for a group photo before any more of them are forced to resign. In the background, far right, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos clearly doesn’t comprehend what she’s supposed to do, as she’s never attended public school and has no clue about Picture Day, among other things…


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  1. So not being completely up to date with US politics I had to research a couple of things.
    Trump”s the President!! (Okay, maybe that one did slip onto our news, one of those final story ‘look what a group of crazy US voters have done now’ type thing) Why’s he so pally with billionaire Betsy, I wonder… 🙂

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    • Billionaire Betsy helped fund his campaign. In fact, many of Trump’s appointments have involved very rich people and, if my sources are correct, his Cabinet is the wealthiest ever seated, by far. So the “little guy” in America has no one looking out for him in this Administration. Of course, you probably already know much of this and I’m just babbling needlessly, but since that’s one of my finer skills, I don’t mind… 😉

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  2. Once I could pry my eyes away from the monkey in the middle, I honed in on the two blokes on the right. You know, the ones in culottes and T-strap sandals. Love the patterned hose. I see they have the new Coach handbag and Yeti coffee mug. But what’s with the Kim Jong Un hair-do, and the pork rib hanging out of the mustachioed one’s mouth? Betsy, is a bit out of fashion, if you ask me. She’s wearing ankle socks from the 1950’s.

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  3. “Pork rib,” the man’s hair and less than Aryan ethnicity would be considered a racist innuendo in some sensitive circles.circles. And the guy next to him in Mary Janes? Add Betsy to the mix and you see the poster children for the new diversity. There’s some mighty transparently clueless tokens in the new cabinet. But then, how qualified to they really need to be? They fit a stereo-typed demographic, and isn’t that what American identity politics is all about? I mean after graft and corruption, which I believe are mandated by the constitution under that bit about pursuing happiness.

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    • Ah, so you’ve wandered into the hazy minefield of PC America and the chorus of disapproval from those who seek to find malevolent intent when there is none. Granted, one should be careful and cognizant, a credo eschewed by a certain political party that misunderstands the shifting demographics. It will be quite interesting to see who says what six months from now. All is fair in love and Constitutional interpretation… 😉


      • No. No. I am merely the sarcastic antithesis of those people. The gloom and doomers. The oh my god he’s a racist seekers. The litany there goes on. But the identity politics and the glaringly transparent “one of these and one of those, take a nice team picture” nonsense? That’s for real. How else would the poster boy of droolers who was once our governor get a job heading a department he forgot the name of?

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