Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #482


Bobby, far left: “Sometimes I get the feeling that you’re not even listening to me.  Like right now. I’m trying to save our relationship and you’re looking everywhere but at me. How is that supposed to make me feel?”

Sandra, near left: “I’m not looking at you because you bore me. I’d much rather be looking at those people over there who seem to be having so much fun, probably because they don’t have to pose for these completely-staged publicity shots meant to make us look wholesome and chaste.”

Bobby: “So you are sleeping with someone else!”

Sandra: “Are you kidding? When do I have time to sleep with anybody, what with all this running around on fake dates and wearing outfits that nobody else would wear walking down a fake street on a backlot while Charlie Chaplin hovers in the background? Besides, my virginity is firmly intact, as you’ll soon hear about in the new movie musical called Bacon Grease that is coming out in a few years.”

Bobby: “They sing about your virginity in a musical? That seems rather odd.”

Sandra: “Just wait until you see Stockard Channing playing a high-school student at the age of 33.”

Gina, near right: “What are those fools next to us babbling about?”

Rock, far right: “Some mess involving deception and singing hymens. You know how those Americans are.”

Gina: “But aren’t you an American?”

Rock: “Well, that’s what the passport says. But I consider myself to be much more European.”

Gina: “So it is true that you’re gay.”

Rock: “How did you get from this to that?”

Gina: “Oh, honey, you don’t have to pretend with me. We Europeans understand that love is fluid. Well, most of us. Sometimes the Germans get a little crotchety, but that’s to be expected when your country has been split in two. For the most part, I’ve never had any issues expressing my true desires.”

Rock: “So does this mean that you are…”

Gina: “It doesn’t mean anything. But I’m certainly clutching Sandra’s hand much harder than I’m clutching yours.”


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  1. So the whole European thing is what “Somewhere, beyond the sea…” is all about. Whew. Seriously. Sillier than Channing was Spacey at 45 playing Darin and doing a kick ass job of it. Except for looking like his co-star’s father.

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    • Spacey basically kicks ass in everything, although I must admit that I’ve never seen “Sea”. Or “American Beauty”. So I might not be an expert on Kevin, which somewhat negates this entire comment. But I have seen him in other things, notably “The Usual Suspects” and “Horrible Bosses”, so I’m at least an adjunct expert…. 😉

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