Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #486

John: “We should really do something about the inequality that is going on over there, but it’s obvious that my Waldo outfit is not very intimidating and we might fail in our heroic pursuits.”

Ida: “It doesn’t matter. My severe eye makeup and world-domination hairdo will easily compensate for any costume-design emasculation on your part. Let’s go!”


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  1. If only I could bring myself to have the world domination hairdo, I could be a force to be reckoned with. I can conjure up that steely eyed stare that makes me look like I have an intense migraine. Sexy.

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  2. Another completely unbrick like post, Brian but you’re right, there’s sure to be one lurking in among the excellence somewhere… 🙂

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  3. Ya’ll have the wrong impression about Ida. It’s called RBF (resting bitch face) people! Ida and I have both been blessed with this rare condition in which our face is always sending out the wrong message. WORK IT IDA!!

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  4. Ida: You call this a bicep? Have you considered weights? You can start with soup cans. We’ll talk posture when I can’t wrap my hand around your upper arm. Some kind of unlikely hero you are. Did you miss the strong, handsome, socially disaffected memo?

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    • “And lose the sweater. Unless you plan to follow up on that ill-advised dream of becoming a mime. And why is part of the sweater tucked in your belt? Is that a thing now? Or were you just too weak to pull it out?”


    • Perhaps she just got a notice in the mail that the cost of her health insurance will be going up once again, and she’s not pleased. Wait, maybe that only happens in America. I have a feeling that the Australians have a more realistic approach to healthcare than the Americans, but I may be wrong…

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      • Nope, if you choose to have health insurance here, they regularly hike their premiums too. I can’t afford it now, as they make the premiums too high to join if you haven’t had it continuously (until you reach pension age), I haven’t had Insurance since 14 years ago, when my hubby first got sick and luckily we didn’t choose to use it then because we would have ended bankrupt even with it.

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