Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #231

Despite the best efforts of the hotel staff, word somehow got out that Warren Beatty was staying at the Pontchartrain Royale and a few of his possibly illegitimate offspring showed up seeking child support. In the room next to his, Carly Simon writes a thinly-disguised song about the whole experience…


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  1. Carly Simon wrote a LOT of thinly veiled songs of a “sexual and don’t be an asshole about it” nature. I had no idea they had nicknamed Beatty’s love spear the “General Arthur Cigar.” I suppose that was Madonna…

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      • Brilliant, a must-watch every Friday night. Last Friday he had Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman on, very funny. It’s irreverent and unpredictable, unlike most talk shows he actually lets the guests speak! The guests join in and are more relaxed because of its informality. They are not allowed to be pompous or inflated and soon lose any preciousness.

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  2. Geez Louise! This had me rolling on the floor. Warren Beatty was a hot mess at the Oscars. He looked like he escaped from the home and needed someone to retrieve him. Did you know that “You’re So Vain” was recently revealed to be about (wait for it) David Geffen? Remember in the 70s when he attempted to shack up with women (Cher)?
    I am a fan of Warren’s older films. Reds is a favorite and I also love Heaven Can Wait. Then of course, Splendor in the Grass with Natalie Wood. As always Brian, a pleasure!

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    • Oh, I didn’t realize that David Geffen had finally been confirmed as the cloud in the coffee. I knew his name had been tossed out there over the years, and that Carly did some type of charity thing a few years back where she revealed the name to the “winner” of said event although they were then sworn to secrecy. Personally, I think the mystique of not really knowing is more satisfying than the revelation.

      “Heaven Can Wait” is quite fine (as well as the original), but I’ve never actually seen “Splendor in the Grass”. This sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon selection, so I just might be doing that tomorrow…

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