Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #162

Jean-Claude: “Why are you making such a big deal about getting out of bed?”

Bernadette: “Because this is a French film. I must ponder all philosophical implications before taking any action. Right now, I am thinking of the underpaid workers who built this hotel. The suffering, the torment, the absence of a lunch break in pre-union times.”

Jean-Claude: “Those people are all dead, all of the good hotels in Paris were built when Jesus was a child.”

Bernadette: “But I must pay tribute to them in some way. Perhaps compose a poem? Or maybe I could do some performance art using the mints someone left on our pillows?”

Jean-Claude: “We don’t have time for this. We have a wine-tasting at 9am sharp. At the Sartre vineyards.”

Bernadette: “Sartre would want me to attend, as a celebration of his insistence that our people overthink things and read obtuse literary passages. But he would also want me to scoff at any show of sheep-like conformity. I’m so confused. I must speak to my therapist.”

Jean-Claude: “I have your therapist in the car. His name is Vodka. You’ll get along just fine.  Now put your existential panties on and let’s go.”


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  1. I have a pair of existentialist panties. They embrace their role fully and authentically, recognizing their chief role is not to be seen:
    “I must be here, yet not be here.”
    “The value of my existence is never to show my existence.”
    “I’m invisible, therefore I am.”

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  2. Jean-Claude is the unacknowledged (great) grandfather to Jeff Goldblum isn’t he?? Except for the ears, the resemblance (to me) is remarkable…but then I just finished my session with Vodka’s co-head shrinker, Tequila and Lime (they tag head shrink).. and I might be considered ‘under the influence’. Given that I no longer drink, it’s obviously something else entirely…. time to schedule that MRI of my brain I guess…

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    • Good catch on the Goldblum doppelganger. And when you schedule that MRI, see if you can get a 2-for-1 deal, as I firmly believe that it’s long past time for me to get one… 😉


  3. In France one can always live by the seaside in poverty and paint. And ponder the meaning of “still life” while in truth life moves. Oh, the contradictions in art will drive a man insane. Or at least to the front page…

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    • And really, is it truly art if there aren’t contradictions? Hmm. I think I’ll take this as a sign that I need to live by the seaside and paint until I have the answer to that question. Stand by while I hope on Expedia….


  4. So sorry, I’ve been a little out of action but this has breathed fresh minty, possibly vodka laced air into my tired soul and I all of a sudden feel revived. Frenchness incarnate feisty and vintage you. I thank you!

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    • You’re more than welcome, and no need to apologize. I always enjoy hearing from you, so each of your visits is a little gift. (And I’m still contemplating that little story scenario we discussed. I’m just waiting for the right inspiration to hit me…)

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  5. That age old questions of choice & existence as one ponders in bed………

    Does your chewing gum (spearmint) lose its flavor
    on the bedpost overnight?
    If your teacher says don’t chew it,
    Do you swallow it in spite?

    – Billy Jones & Ernest Hare – Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight 1924

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    • As a counterpoint, let me parry with another quip from The Happiness Boys:

      “The sheik is from the ghetto. I thought he came from Spain.
      His voice is high falsetto! And he sounds like he’s in pain!”

      Naturally, this has very little to do with your own comment, which makes it a perfectly fitting response to a blog post about existential French movies. A votre sante!

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      • The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain. The Beautiful People use moisturizer. If you have the get-go- to- get an umbrella . An existential choice . 🙂

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