Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #71

The Driving Instructor knew he was in for a challenge when Ernestine appeared in his classroom that fateful day…


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  1. Crying with laughter …. I trained as a driving instructor once upon a mad moment and took my then 14 year old daughter out one afternoon for me to practice my skills. This could actually BE her. It was nearly, and quite literally the death of us both.

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  2. What the instructor did not realize is that Ernestine had the mother of all bad hair days, hence the two strips of masking tape holding it down. Unruly hair flying about when one is trying to parallel park has brought lowly-er people to their figurative knees. And somehow sitting sideways on a metal car door the approximate width of a stick of gum somehow took her mind off the fact that women wouldn’t be able to actually do things like buying a decent car (with some zip to the engine..not those 25 mph jobs they tried to foist off) or choosing their own clothing for another five decades. It simply wasn’t fair!! Alternatively Ernestine might be practicing her contortionist skill set because one never knew when sitting bent double would come in handy, or being able to put one’s legs over one’s ears…

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    • I can’t even begin to come up with worthwhile responses to all of the points you mention in this luscious comment. I will simply tip my hat to you, and hope for more… 😉


  3. After “The Incident” the gathering crowd heard both of they muttering loudly –
    “Now I know, now I know.
    Green means stop.
    Red means go.”

    Strangely enough, the vehicle was undamaged. The Milkman’s truck, not so much – there was a lot of buttermilk to go round. 🙂

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    • And the buttermilk, unhappy about the unexpected and certainly unprovoked sloshing, filed a lawsuit against the girl, the guy, and the city of West Dregg. Litigation is still pending, and slightly damp…

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