Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #75

In a surprise move, the Topeka School Board voted to allow girls to take Automotive Repair courses at the high school. Of course, this startling attempt at social progress in a red state came with a few restrictions. The girls had to perform all class exercises whilst wearing heels, and they were forced to don unattractive attire so that the boys in the class would not become overheated along with the cars. Despite this obvious inequality and the apparent lack of a decent hairstylist in all of Topeka, the young woman on the lower left seems to be having an exceptionally good time.

Happy Reclining Gal: “I never knew that handling lug nuts could be so much fun!”

Unhappy Squatting Girl: “Could we hurry up and take the picture, please? I dropped my dignity in the oil pan and I need to fish it out.”

Unhappy Hood-Straddling Girl: “Yes, let’s get this done. I don’t normally stay bent over this long unless somebody bought me dinner.”

Secretly-Happy Standing Girl: “Oh, don’t rush things on my account. In fact, could we rev the engine again? I don’t know why, but it makes me feel really tingly and flushed.”

Photographer: “Okay, got it. Wait. Aw, dang. We have to take it again. Unhappy Squatting Girl is showing too much ankle and they’ll never run this in the school paper.”


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  1. And you should know that red states ban the use of words like “squat” and “bent over” as being far too suggestive. How do I know this? I’ve gotten citations for DOING those things – as Utah is possibly the reddest of the red states. I hear during the 50s it was on that California/Hollywood black list as being subversive and *GASP* possibly COMMUNIST (bwahahah), but me? I think California was just jealous of the fact that we had more water suitable for drinking than they did..

    Back to our lovely young ladies who will learn more about “Lava” (the soap) than they ever wanted to know (because getting grease out from under whatever fingernails are left after trying to change the oil or a tire on a car is a tiresome bitch).

    Being the 1920s (30s?) and with the war on and all, these girls were part of an ad campaign to prove those pushy women like Carrie Nation and Susan B. Anthony were RIGHT G*DDAMNIT and women could DO EVERYTHING ‘just like men’…aside from that whole standing up peeing business, and that was just vulgar.

    Later generations would not thank those girls, because honestly WHO wants to work on a car? It’s messy and boring (well not so some of us granted) and how can one look frail and helpless and get a husband if one can DO that kind of work?? There ARE priorities..

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    • I’m afraid I got stuck on Utah being considered Communist. What the hell? You had some lovely snarky points after that, but my fingers are already itching to whip open a Google window and start typing away. This could open up a whole new sub-series of Past Imperfects… 😉


  2. You didn’t know?? Oh yes. My mother (bless her) was one of the few DEMOCRATS (when that meant an actual liberal) in Utah and she got a lot of weird stares and social ostracization. Me? I’m somewhere middle of the road myself…and up here? I mentioned I voted a ‘mixed ticket’ (based on the platforms, character (if such exists) and other factors such as ‘good hair’ 😉 and you’d have thought I said I murdered baby goats under a full moon. EVERYONE is conservative. I think you’ll have LOTS of fodder for “Past Imperfects” and I look forward to the first installment and all! 😀

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