Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #120

In retrospect, Tippi realized that perhaps she shouldn’t have taken the children to visit her mother-in-law after all. The harping she had expected. The harpies? Not so much…


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  1. Although her eldest, Joan, did go on to become a world renowned ornithologist. Tippi Jr on the other hand had a life long phobia of birds and required extensive and expensive therapy.

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    • And thusly, Tippi Jr joined a long line of child actors destined for life-long therapy. Luckily, she had a decent agent and the resultant residuals from her performances allowed her to live comfortably but numbly…


    • Well, since you brought it up, there was a certain ribbed bedspread I had as an adolescent, with lots of little nubs, that could be manipulated in such a manner that I risked said blindness. Too much? We’re all friends here, right?… 😉


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