Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #211

Ginger: “Well, I guess there might be some truth to the rumor that California is sliding into the ocean.”

Photographer: “It’s just the pills, dear. The room isn’t actually tilting.”

Ginger: “The pills? My happy snacks?”

Photographer: “Yes, those. Maybe you shouldn’t take so many of them.”

Ginger: “Oh. I never really thought of that. Thanks for the advice. You’re a peach!”

Photographer: “Should I also mention that you might want to cross your legs?”

Ginger: “What?”

Photographer: “Never mind.”


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  1. Ginger: Never mind? *pouts* you’re always keeping things from me! I may look dim, but I’m actually quite smart. Those happy pills are brain enhancing!”
    Photographer: Well you know, I WONDERED about that. What with your career doing so well and all…I’m sure people will still remember your name, even decades from now!
    Ginger: It’s in my contract. And has nothing to do with the head of the studio having a weird leather fetish…*fondles the strap she’s coyly hiding with her blonde curls, a salacious gleam in her eye*
    Photographer: I don’t want to know. That’s how I keep my job here is by taking cheesy photographs and keeping my eyes firmly closed. Which may explain why my photos always come out “artsy” – tilted to one side or another. You were right, it was ME.
    Ginger: You meant CHEESECAKE didn’t you? Not Cheesy. I’m pure class..

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    • Ah, good catch with the coy fondling of the strap. I really didn’t see that aspect until now, which means I will definitely have to revise this one to adequately capture the true story. (And by “revise” I mean “basically steal what you just typed but spin it just enough so I can get a copyright”…)


  2. The entertainment business is a funny place where indeed powerful, successful opinionated women are conceived in cheesecake. Ginger is no exception. Until Fred came along and taught her chastity and dance, of course. Things that come with maturity in Hollywood. Like somebody’s square mom or dumb sister in law gigs. Or directing.

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