Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #49

This Broadway show closed precisely two minutes after it opened. No one ever spoke of it again…


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  1. 🙂
    My father and I watched so many older movies together, his choice of course. I ignored most of the storylines which wasn’t hard to do lol. But I loved looking at the clothes, furnishings and styles of everything. And thinking things exactly like the caption you’ve placed on this picture.

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    • I’m the first to admit that I do love watching older movies, for a variety of reasons. It’s interesting to see how movie-making worked its way to what we know of it today. But there are many times when I just have to pause… what in the world were these people thinking?

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  2. This was the ill-fated Dior – the First Season fashion show, wasn’t it? And those women kneeling and begging (and not blonde..that’s real weird) are perhaps left overs from Oliver! and asking ‘Please Sir, some more?” Since the men look like the group that charges themselves a nickle to pass gas, and formed the early version of “Tightwads Anon” (which failed as hastily as the alleged play because nobody wanted to pay any dues); it’s not surprising that this effort closed immediately. The fact that it even made it to Broadway was a freakin’ real life miracle.

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    • I am entranced with your first thought, that this was the debut of the Dior line. This totally spins the whole experience and I must now withdraw to my Chamber of Solitude and re-envision the entire post. Actually, it might become a SERIES of posts, as the “Oliver” reference and the “Tightwads Anon” angle are jewels to be plucked. Thank you…


  3. And I just noticed the fella on the left with his hand up…do you suppose he got beat up afterward for trying to set a bad precedent? Joan Blondell (or her clone) on the end there, sporting the snazzy bra and meager over clothing, had her named erased from all record of this farce.

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  4. Trump is really having a difficult time attracting talent to join the administration, just look at that Broadway back channel. Then again, perhaps just look for the nearest exit sign.

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