Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #405

Before Colleen could fully grasp what was happening in her previously-pleasant garden, the members of the Cherry Tree Gang went rogue and cornered her near the Koi pond, demanding more sunlight and better fertilizer. Harsh negotiations ensued…


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  1. I believe someone was having an ‘artistic’ moment and thought the cherry branches avec blossoms would make a dramatic statement. Let us hope that the girl, Ophelia did you say?, had sense enough not to hand them out as head shots to the various movie studios and agents she may have been pursuing. In an attempt to jump start a career ala Mary Pickford and the like. I notice a lot of the men in the silent films I’ve viewed (fifteenth hand, I ain’t THAT old) used the same shade of lipstick and foundation as we see here. Something about corpse white skin and black lips must just be ‘the thing.’ Makes me glad I never followed the fashions…

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      • I was going to say something about that, but figured it would be covered by you. It does rather dominate the picture, doesn’t it? Maybe she was starring in a really early version of “Hair”. ? Not about drugs, draft dodging that Vietnam mess and hippies, mind you, but rather the one about hair taking over Tokyo or New York and ruining the acting careers of young flappers? The cherry blossoms become rather de riguer, don’t they? 😉

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