Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #45

This misguided attempt to Rehabilitate the Gays failed miserably, for a number of reasons. Happily, most sensible people soon realized there was no point in trying to change something that couldn’t be changed, so they went on with their lives and minded their own business. Sadly, it’s now 2017, and some state legislatures still haven’t gotten the message. (Can you say “Texas”? Sure you can…)


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  1. Haha! They all be like “what do you mean you my legs don’t do anything for you?!” He’s like “just because you all stand there in a row waving your legs at me, doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to ask you out on a date. It’s not going to happen. Accept it and take your legs elsewhere.”

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  2. All these legs probably confirmed his secret shoe fetish, until he got a gander at the leg and tacky strappies of the far right contestant (or is the term tempest?) That might cause him to run for his homosexual life!

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  3. OR…this could simply be an audition for the latest in women’s silk stockings…? The damn things are so easily torn that it’s not a wonder that only lovers of old fashioned lingerie and those who are into leather wear stockings and suspenders any longer…I BET if I asked any of my adult nieces what a suspender was, they’d perhaps make a joke about old men whose pants insist on obeying gravity, not staying up over the old guy’s ass where they belong. That old woman on the far right needs to go back to her Senior Center and take her unbeautiful pin with her. And lastly, it MIGHT be that this is an attempt to show what MATURE (or overly mature) women’s knees are supposed to look like…sorry I was channeling Agatha Christie and an episode of Hercule Poirot where a 25 year old tried to pass herself off as 14. Didn’t fool the Belgian detective though, her knees were ‘wrong’…foiled, she took herself off to the nearest gin joint and took up dancing on the stage..

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    • I hesitate to even offer a response at this point, as I’m not sure you’re finished yet. (Said with all love and respect for your ways, of course.) Perhaps I should go start dinner and check back in a little while…


  4. Crud. it’s the RIGHT shoulder…sorry. Hope I didn’t cause anyone interested in those sorts of subtle clues that escape the open mouth and forget to shut it again crowd, like myself. Apologies. Three replies? I’ll expect retribution…my bad!

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    • Okay, it looks like you were done after all. Well, the tape-measure might be indicative of mere dress-making, but it could also be a visual clue identifying our lad as one of the rainbow people, as such things had to be much more subtle back in the day…


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