Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #398

On the down side, Natasha never did figure out why men found her intimidating. On the up side, she eventually had a lucrative career as a spokesmodel for a tamale factory in Escondido…


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    • Amen. My thoughts exactly. Men didn’t find her intimidating, she was just a pain in the ass to go out with. Because it took her for-ever to get anywhere. And steps, up or down? Forget it. Boobs might have helped a little, for those fearing the wolf in “she” eeps clothing.

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  1. Did you know as late as the 60s and 70s women with “the menopause” who were considered “hysterical” and refused valium were wrapped in cold, wet sheets to help alleviate their symptoms? All men are intimated by any observation of the number one cause of heart attack in men in their fifties.

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