Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #106

Fred was somewhat taken aback that his companion would do such a thing in a grocery store, especially in the dry-goods section, which it no longer was. Barbara didn’t care. When situations arose, you took care of them, and then you moved on. Besides, it would teach that snooty manager a lesson about not providing public facilities…


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  1. Moments earlier:
    Hey, babe, can you give me a hand? I threw my back out killing your husband and the doctor told me not to lift anything over ten pounds.
    In your dreams, Freddy. I’m busy time warping my bangs to the early 1980’s. Besides, my daddy was a butcher and I know a ten pound sausage when I see one.
    I’ll give you cocktail weenie. Don’t shake it more than twice. And for gods sake look at what you’re doing, not me. These are new shoes and my deal is I get to keep my wardrobe.

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  2. Yeah. When the urge to peer at other shoppers (whilst wearing a wig and shades)gets too strong, you just have to give in and do it!

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  3. I hope she was wearing galoshes (those weird rubbery overshoe things that were popular back in the old days)…because a good squat and let fly can ruin good shoes…. *whistling*

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  4. Dammit! Hit send too soon. Anyway, she does have sort of a guilty i’m trying to cover something up look in this scene. But then of course, she IS guilty on this movie….

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  5. Standing up? What are you implying here?
    Also, you latched onto one of my favorite movies. I was a senior in high school when I first saw it, and up til then only knew them from TV. It was a little hard accepting them as bad guys, but it is one fine movie.

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    • It’s a terrific movie. And as for the standing, someday I’ll share with you the same story I promised Embeecee above. Perhaps the three of us could get together in a dry-goods section somewhere and I’ll spill the tea, so to speak…

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