Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #170

At first glance, this appears to be an image of the Muse that eventually inspired Stevie Nicks to go into her vagabond-gypsy/possible-witch musical phase. In reality, this is just a poignant study of a very sad woman who was unable to master the craft of Cat’s Cradle. She is on the verge of composing a tragic poem that will minutely detail the depths of her pain, but her wistful pensiveness is interrupted by a commotion coming from stage left.

Stevie Nicks, clattering on scene in that bohemian way she has, with gothic jewelry clanking: “You better stand back, girl. That’s MY look.”

Sylvia Plath: “Your look? I had that whole cooking mishap when you were only 14. You were barely old enough to have breasts, never mind a style.”

Stevie: “It doesn’t matter. I have a copyright on the image.”

Sylvia: “Really? I thought the only copyright you had concerned lines of white powder.”

Kurt Vonnegut, entering stage right: “Did someone say copyright? Those things can be really pivotal to the plot in darkly twisted fiction. Like this post. And like the fact that I published a book named Cat’s Cradle in 1963.”

Sylvia: “I remember that year well.”

Kurt: “Of course you do. It was your last one.”

Stevie: “I can’t wait for the convoluted plot to come back to my leather and lace. I’m very familiar with darkly twisted. I’m still trying to figure out who slept with whom in Fleetwood Mac, and I was there for a big chunk of that cluster fest. This is starting to get a bit surreal.”

Rhiannon, entering from… oh, who cares where, she just entered: “Please don’t associate me with Rihanna. I get that all the time. You folks don’t know what it’s like when people get confused about who performed a popular song.”

Harry Chapin, sitting in the audience: “Oh, I beg to differ. Half the people in the world know the lyrics to ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ but they have no idea who I am. Or was.” He looked at Sylvia. “I know a lot about unexpected departures. No offense intended.”

Sylvia: “None taken. Most of us artists have tortured souls and sometimes we make choices that others might not understand and-”

Kurt: “Okay, enough of that. Blah blah blah. Now, are there any more absurd obscurities that the writer is planning to toss our way? Personally, I would throw in at least another one.”

A spotlight comes to life and focuses on a corner of the stage, highlighting Betty Buckley in full Cats regalia: “Memory… turn your face to the moonlight…”

Kurt: “I just had a small orgasm. This is so rich.”

Rihanna, sitting next to Harry in the audience: “Not for me. I don’t understand anything that is going on right now.”

Harry: “Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy your time in the limelight, bright young thing. Because there will come a day when future generations have no idea who you were or what you accomplished. Then you’ll have to depend on absurdly obscure writers banging out blog posts about what once was.”

Betty, still warbling: “…then a new life, will begin…”

Sylvia: “That’s really sweet. But seriously, can anybody show me how to make a cup and saucer with this annoying crucifix? Because none of this mess would have happened if I knew how to do it in the first place.”


Note: I realize this one got deep in the trenches of trivia. But this is a bouquet to a certain subset of fellow writers who remember when. Touch me, it’s so easy to leave me…


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  1. Stevie has copywritten the plus size of her look these days, NOBODY knows who slept with who in Shagwood Mac because Mick pulled the light bulbs in the bus and plane on that Australian tour. Peter Green is dead and the early incest is buried with him. Christine came out of hiding after 14 years looking great for 74 and singing bubble gum retrospective a la Sylvia, above, with Buckingham! (Come on, already, can’t anybody in this band get laid in the outside world?) Also playing “pick up” dates (how appropriate) with Fleetwood Mac. Which means they are all on speaking terms again before one of them pulls a John Entwistle on that last, enticing line of Peruvian Blue “inspiriation.”

    “Players only love you when they’re playin’.” Or fumbling around a dark bus in the middle of the night.

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    • Yet another candidate for the “greatest hits” comment compilations I’ve got planned. You need to slow down a little bit and let some of these other folks have a chance. (I kid.) How are you this creative at 8:36 in the morning? that must be some really good coffee… 😉


    Golly, he’s not shown up ONCE for a post of mine! How do you rate? Tell me, was he smoking a cigarette and holding a glass of gin? Oh, of course he was. Why do I even ask?
    Did you know Stevie was born in Phoenix? She’s a point of pride for us, as is Alice Cooper, who is sadly missing from your tale. Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you. I’m sure it was just a slip.Though consider for a moment how much Vonnegut would enjoy meeting Alice Cooper. Wow! Imagine the dark humor that would overtake your post!
    Next time, Brian. You can do it next time.

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    • Actually, Stevie asked about you while we were taking a break from blocking the scene. Okay, perhaps “asked about” wasn’t quite the connotation. Apparently she’s a little miffed with you. Something about the two of you vying for the only available parking slot at the Phoenix Arts Festival and Tupperware Swap. According to La Stevie, she clearly had the advantage and could have commandeered the spot quite handily, but then her head scarf got wrapped around the gear shift and the car stalled. You then zipped into the opening, honking your horn triumphantly, and then, and I find this a bit hard to believe, you made an obscene gesture as you exited the vehicle and tromped into the building, dragging along a red wagon laden with avocado-green Tupperware, circa 1973. Personally, I think The Muse was just a bit confused with her tale, but I simply must ask… Did you give the finger to Stevie?

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      • Oh no, my method of declaring victory is far more refined. See, what I do upon exiting vehicle is smile disarmingly, wave, and if the moment is right – and I assure you, this moment was perfect – I blow a kiss. Then I turn and walk off, much like an action hero, totally unconcerned with the explosion happening behind her.
        Get the picture?
        Also, you got your facts wrong. My food storage containers of choice is SnapWare. I was only there to take pictures and mock the attendees for a future post. I hoped to get a picture of Stevie, but alas, the snit she threw in the parking lot prevented her entry into the Swap.

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  4. <—— Rhianna/on. Rihanna, sitting next to Harry in the audience: “Not for me. I don’t understand anything that is going on right now.” Damn. And I thought I was pretty well read too. *hangs head and slumps off to dust off the library card and hope they still have Sylvia Plath and Kurt Vonnegut on the shelves.* See that's the problem (as I understand it, which may be not at all)..with fascists. They can't get past the big words, let alone big concepts and deep thinking; which gives them itches in places your mother told you weren't polite to scratch in public. Me? I say it gives them hemorrhoids. And damn but I miss Harry!! They couldn't have taken Justin Bieber instead?? (yes I realize that waste of time wasn't born until decades AFTER Harry's death. Still. It would have been a much better choice IMHO).

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    • Now, now, no need to be blue. (But please don’t peruse a Sylvia Plath volume or you will be more than just blue. Girl had issues.) We all have different bits of trivia drifting along in our craniums, and just because I shared my box of marbles doesn’t mean everyone is going to recognize all the colors. As for Harry, I did/do enjoy him, but another premature exit was Jim Croce. I have listened to his “Time in Bottle” hits collection at least 400 billion times, swear….


  5. Ah, yes. Will you ever win? WILL you ever win? I posted Cat’s In The Cradle on Father’s Day as homage to my paternal unit.
    It’s a shame that Kilgore Trout couldn’t make it – maybe he was busy with the Bokononist festival?

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  6. I’m too late to add anything to this party so I will content myself with sighing and exiting stage right and making a note to self to be at the front of the queue when I am faced with something that simple bubbles with references to the life I live in my head …. 😊

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    • The party is not in full swing until you get here, especially when I bang out little tidbits that I know you will relish. The rest of the guests may have tottered off, intent on their own visions, as they should, but I will still be here, waiting gently in the subdued ambiance of the back patio, a welcoming glass of spirit proffered. “I’ve had quite the day,” you share, taking the glass and a seat. “Tell me all about it,” I enthuse, meaning every word. And so we contemplate and dissect, ably assisted by a night sky full of distantly close stars…

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