Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #72

In the early days of the secretarial pool, work tasks were assigned in a somewhat cruder manner, as with this example of Mr. Thornwick letting Sarah know that it was her day to make coffee. One hundred years later, a certain president is trying to run the country in this same manner. But it’s not coffee that he wants his staff to make up…


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  1. Safe territory for letting rip a snort with accompanying (and in this instance highly appropriate) sporting of coffee. Nods of safe approval from the enviably polished neighbours as they whisper knowingly ‘le Trump’ 😉

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  2. Damn, Peggy. I was going to say the Prez has mentioned they have other handles…or the less obvious comment that the girl was one of Milton’s rebellious daughters who demanded more candle light.

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  3. The incredible shortness of being… the perspective on Mr. Thornwick (how approp!) in the photo makes his head look far too big for his body. Thus the crutches I suppose? Um. Were any little people harmed in the making of that photo? From that angle, I think Mr. Thornepowermad is merely venting his frustration that none of his minions will date him, let alone play his meat flute and our valiant heroine was merely handy. Alternatively, that IS Dump, cleverly disguised and with better hair. If you look at it THAT way, it makes perfect sense.

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    • I did briefly wonder if I might indirectly offend some folks with my making light of this photo (the physical abuse angle, the fact that Lon Chaney is playing a double amputee in this movie), but then I thought, nope, the muse is calling me and I must answer. (Useless but interesting trivia: No special effects involved with Lon’s amputee situation. He actually had his legs folded back and then he stuck his knees into small buckets. And he did this for the whole movie. THAT’s dedication to craft, mmm hmm.)


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