Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #493

William: “Darling, could you explain to me why you’re doing what you’re doing?”

Jean: “We’ve already discussed this, poodle. I’m practicing to be a brain surgeon.”

William: “Why do I get the feeling that this lovely procedure is not something you’ve ever read in a textbook?”

Jean: “Textbook? Why on earth would I read one of those?”

William: “Shouldn’t you have some type of training before you start your new career?”

Jean: “Oh, please. If Donald Trump can appoint Cabinet members who have no experience whatsoever, why can’t I be a brain surgeon? Now hold still while I get out a power drill that I don’t know how to use.”


Note: To those of you who also follow me on “Crusty Pie” (an act of faith that I greatly relish; please double-dip me any time), I realize that I just posted this over there a mere 7 months ago. But with the recent flourish of inanity coming from Trump’s Cabinet Secretaries, I feel it’s a public service to shove this one back out again…


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  1. Um a BOW? On top? Okay then. I suppose one must look fashionable and have ‘good’ medical couture ‘style’. But again the idea that it’s supposed to represent rabbit ears lurks in the background of my imagination. The whole business of the idiot in charge and his continued evidence of supreme stupidity doesn’t get a comment from me. Everyone knows my views on anything that twerp does, so I’m erring (for once) on the side of brevity. But one cautionary parting remark about it…keep sharp objects and power tools away from Cheeto and his cronies. They are not near mature enough to handle them..

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    • I heard a rumor that the walls of the Oval Office are now padded and that visiting reporters are not allowed to carry a pen or pencil lest the Cheeto trip over his words and accidentally puncture something…


  2. But she’s a brain surgeon with such style! Just look at that bow of a bandage! Who needs experience??
    Of course, i agree about Trump administration. The inanity and the hate get worse every. single. day. Every hour of every day?

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