Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #144

Sadie is very, very happy. Sadie is also very, very drunk. Behind her, Baby Sadie (so named because Momma Sadie had focus issues when it came time to fill out that birth certificate) is just realizing that she will once again have to find a nice gentleman to take both of them home. This is exactly what Momma Sadie wants, because Momma is a bit of a tramp and doesn’t care who helps her wash the sand out of her cracks. Baby Sadie will one day pen a memoir entitled “What I Wish I Hadn’t Done on my Summer Vacation”, and the tome will rocket to the top of the bestseller lists, making her a millionaire. Baby Sadie will not mention this development to Momma, who is in perpetual rehab, because karma is a beach…


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 04/12/15 and “Bonnywood Manor” on 01/05/16. No changes made. I just wanted to share this one again as a tribute to the local weatherman who announced earlier this evening that we are “probably” done with 90-degree days for a while, but no promises. Thusly, we are semi-officially entering “Fall” here in Dallas, meaning we can dig out our sweaters for that one day we might actually need them…


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  1. I think Momma Sadie is so happy because she has just had a glimpse of the future. Said future glimpse showed her that very soon women would be able to wear much more comfortable, more practical and less restrictive swimwear at the beach. Yay! Sisters, grab your bikinis and swim!

    I pity the woman in the background, sitting down wearing a dress. She must be roasting in that thing!

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    • Oh, that’s actually a very lovely take on things, unlike my own spin, full of spitefulness and accusations. And yes, that poor woman in the background is so TIRED. Meanwhile, her husband is most likely doing absolutely nothing to help her out. Wait, there I go again with the accusations. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a nice person… 😉

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    • Seriously, I would have squealed if I learned that one of your launched offspring had been christened Sadie. It just feels so right in so many ways, and I mean that in a truly loving and respectful manner… 😉

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    • I have a HUGE stack of sweaters in my closet, loving remnants of my internment in Oklahoma, where we actually had four seasons. Every once in a while I fondle them, assuring them of my devotion, but then I have to leave said closet because I’ve stirred up too much dust and sneezing is imminent…

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    • Oh, I’m sure you could still eke out a bestseller. You’ve already produced many loving chapters on your blog. You just need to artfully arrange them in a cordial manner and, ta-da, instant writing fame… 😉


  2. In my twisted view of things that looks more like snow than water. Must be my computer monitor’s resolution or something.. Sadie is celebrating, because finally (in the southern climes) God has turned the A/C on to frostbite full blast. Snow is transitory in the South, and she’s reveling in the biting sensation of frozen water bits hitting her tootsies (as are the others sans shoes) . Little does she realize frostbite is not something anyone who cares about foot couture wants to experience. Those peep toe pumps and blackened or missing digits really don’t go together….

    Alternatively she’s taking the opportunity to air her pits. That ‘swimwear’ choice looks cloying and one would have rivulets of unwanted body water running down one’s sides. Since nobody was near, she took the opportunity to dry things off a little and that smug grin is because she got the little bow on her head juuussttt right. Perky isn’t it?

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    • Once again, you’ve done a better take on the shenanigans than me. Perhaps I need to start calling you up in the middle of the night, babbling thusly: “Girl, I had this idea about…” and you can curtail me with “Just stop right there. What you should really do is…” and then I’ll make some revisions and off we go….


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