Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #289

Mop-Etta: “Do you really love me?”

Gene: “With all of my heart, because that’s what the lyrics in this song say.”

Mop-Etta: “But you understand that we can never have children because, well, I don’t have any lower organs.”

Gene: “It doesn’t matter, my floor-cleansing beauty. We can always adopt. I’m sure there’s an abandoned Swiffer out there that needs a good home. Besides, I’m probably sterile from wearing these high-waisted pants.”

Mop-Etta: “I’m so happy! And horny. Take me now and show me the man you can be. But first…”

Gene: “Yes, my bleach-scented beloved?”

Mop-Etta: “Could you shove me in that bucket over there and crank me through the wringer? There are some things in my hair that you really don’t need to know about.”


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 08/13/15 and “Bonnywood Manor” on 12/11/15. No changes made. I just thought we needed more joyous dancing and unconditional love these days. Speaking of, to those of you who have already seen and commented on the previous versions of posts (yes, I go back and check) and yet do so once again when I recycle: Thank you. Your kindness is most assuredly appreciated. Now, let’s dance.



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  1. I had the most humongous crush on Gene throughout my youth and if pushed, admit I still do. I also sometimes dance with my steam-mop … but I don’t harbour any notion of a relationship with it. I don’t think …. 💃

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  2. Ah…the bleach scent of young love…koff koff ** lust ** koff koff…that wringer probably had a right good work-out, one way and another. Certain er ahem STICKY substances can be a bitch to get out of one’s hair….

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