Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #465

These were considered appropriate Halloween costumes in the early 1900s. How can you sleep peacefully after seeing this? No wonder Sigmund Freud was in his heyday during this time. (Sometimes a cigar is just a woman exploding out of a giant mushroom whilst a forefather of Duck Dynasty squats on a log and continues to do nothing of importance.) I think we all fully understand now how some states turned blue and some states turned red. It all comes down to who did what to get their candy on October 31st


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  1. LOL. Where do you find these pictures?! I think the guy went a bit over the top when he gave himself that beauty mark on his forehead.

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    • Actually, the woman on the right is experiencing a bit of personal turbulence. Raw mushrooms can do that, don’t ya know? But seriously, I found this after googling “vintage Halloween costumes”. How on earth did this country survive?

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  2. As strains of “I Am The Walrus” plays merrily in the background…..maybe it was ol’ Grace Slick singing about Alice…um. Whatever. This is definitely the construct of somebody on a really bad acid trip….

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  3. Psilocybin found in magic mushrooms can “reset” the brains of people with untreatable depression, raising hopes of a future treatment, scans suggest. The default-mode network – a collaboration of different brain regions – became more stable after taking psilocybin. – BBC News

    The ladies were hiding from a certain Hollywood producer and numerous Fox news celebrities. The gentleman was trying to lighten up after reading the latest tweets from White House whiner and chief.

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