Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #468

Thanksgiving leftovers…


Little Sally: “Are we really supposed to eat that? It looks like roadkill.”

Little Billy: “I know it’s not pretty. But it’s only a month until Christmas and you know what that means.”

Little Sally: “That there will be another one of these dead birds on the table?”

Little Billy: “Well, yes. But it also means that we have to be perfect little angels for the next four weeks or the presents under the tree will be a cesspool of disappointment. So suck it up, keep smiling and eat whatever they give you.”

Little Sally: “Got it.”


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 11/25/16. No changes made. Sometimes it’s just not appropriate to flip the bird…


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  1. I heard on the radio the other day that the only time the bird is really really moist, tempting and full of the promise and wonder it’s SUPPOSED to be full of (aside from oyster or cornbread stuffing of course ((if one is really a chef, not just a cook)) the only time is for about 24 hours. After that the wonder and magic evaporate, leaving one with a dead bird. Never a good thing. Unless one has privy to the now extinct housewife of fable.. circa 1950s (think A Christmas Story) and she has stripped the carcass and boiled the bones to make ‘gallons of turkey soup”. Most of us are throwing the bird out because botulism is never pretty. Just ask Terry, hmmm….

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    • Well, I have never actually attempted to cook a turkey myself. (I did have a boyfriend once who tried to deep-fry one. It took days to get done because he didn’t know what he was doing and we hated each other by the end of the ordeal.) So I really don’t know the best way to prepare one. But I’ve certainly EATEN my fair share, and there is definitely an art to it, an art that some people have NOT learned despite their delusions otherwise… 😉


  2. I’ve been kinda bad, but still hoping for not-a-cesspool. Guess i’ll see what happens. And that particular turkey does indeed look a little shriveled.. overdone maybe?

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