Coughus Interruptus

Hey, Folks.

Just a quick note to say that I have been unexpectedly felled by some nasty-ass viral crap-fest. (And yes, that’s the clinical term, swear.) This happened to come at a very unfortunate time, as I was in the midst of composing my annual Birthday Post when I crashed and burned on Thursday. (I like to pretend that everyone looks forward with quivering relish to such posts, even though there’s the strong possibility that many of you have never even seen them. Just let me have my little dream and go with it. It’s the small things in life, really.)

I vaguely remember yesterday, Friday, which was my actual birthday. I have torpid, hallucinatory memories of someone making soup, thousands of violated tissues tossed carelessly about the “sick room” (a.k.a., the guest bedroom), and bouts of weakly-vehement cursing of the vicious soul who thrust this scourge upon me. It also seems that friends and relatives were texting perky felicitations, unaware of my nearly-comatose state and great desire to not be texted about anything, ever again. I may have answered them. I may have not. I really don’t know, but I’m fairly certain my errancy will be fully reviewed at the next family reunion. My clan does not let things go easily, regardless of the circumstances that may have contributed to one’s perceived failure.

Still and all, I hope to be back soon, but we’ll just have to see what the coy fates have up their sleeves. In the meantime, here’s yet another pic of me at Broken Bow Lake. Well, it wasn’t meant to be a picture of me, more so of the lake. But my poor attention to detail led to my shadow being captured, making me present but not really. Sort of like this blog right now.



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  1. Best healing wishes. Yes, you are using a correct medical term. During my medical career, I also used the following terms: cream of crap and acute snot poisoning. Plenty of fluids and plenty of rest. And a delayed birthday celebration. Its your party, you can sleep if you want to.

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  2. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    I can completely understand because I was felled on Wednesday. I’m feeling somewhat better today but still have a fever. I haven’t had a flu this bad in years.

    Take care and feel better soon. 🙂

  3. Oh yes, I remember your birthday post last year as it was it that made me stick around (I AM around, even though I’ve fallen out of reading your posts in order and as they happen, which is something I love doing). I hope for a new such post eventually when you are back to your chirpy self. (I mean this to be a good word!) Have a great birthday, just at another day when you’ll make up for the crappy now. Cin cin!

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    • Good to hear from you! I had somehow managed to fall out of reading your own posts until recently, when I noticed that I hadn’t seen anything from you lately. I added you back to my feed and hopefully you’ve noticed me poking around lately. As for the “official” birthday post, it should be up shortly. I had started one, but it’s clear that I was already succumbing to the bug and it was kind of boring, so I’m in the midst of editing in the hopes it will turn out decently… 😉

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  4. Well, that birthday was a bit of a crapfest, wasn’t it. Hopefully it only gets better from here. After a ‘certain’ age, birthdays are meant to be celebrated over an extensive period of time, so I expect that you will be making up for lost time … soon!

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  5. Gah! Spoke with T last night and learned of the circumstances which you were given , on your birthday no less! Once the coughstorm passes and the sun comes out again, we shall feast on cream pies and celebrate in our usual sparkling manner! 😁🎂🎂🍭🍾

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  6. Oh that sucks. For my now-teenage son’s first ever birthday, he and I were both felled by a flu, so it all got cancelled; kind of a relief really.

    I’m impressed you still crawled to the keyboards today though, and celebrating late is better than never! Happy Birthday Brian, from the humidity of Oz, G : )

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    • Thanks, G! I only managed to make the post due to one of those odd mid-sickness moments of lucidity when you mistakenly believe that you might be getting better, but it’s really just a symbiotic high from the cocktail of cold and flu meds, and then you crash back down, moaning and cursing…

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      • Thanks, Donnalee. There were definitely some interesting hallucinations, especially one fever dream involving a TED talk that I had to give using Legos, a bizarre bit that may or may not eventually become a post… 😉

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        • Huh, I might be older than you–mine are different: nonreferential to current affairs or items or people, just mechanical processes and all, like colours and abstract visuals. I am not a fan of hallucinations, myself–I don’t even watch movies or tv for the most part, whcih could be seen as imposed or chosen hallucinations

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  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and the Coy and her Gang move on to some other poor bugger with their little game of “you didn’t expect this!”
    Oh, and Happy Birthday to You (obviously the party will happen when you ARE better) and celebratory memories for your Mum (or not, as the case may be – I heard from a reliable source that you were a “difficult” child).
    Much Love

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  8. Happy Birthday (belated)…I hope by the time you’re reading THESE, the virus has succumbed to copious amounts of soup and frosty liquids, which may or may not have contained liquor. Keep hydrated dear, and rest up and stay warm. We’ll be here when you’re back to par.

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  9. Not only do you have possibly unanswered texts to deal with, you now have 30+ comments of belated birthday wishes and hopes of returned health to respond to. My, but we are a cruel lot.
    Okay, here’s mine: “Hi Brian! Happy belated birthday! No need to respond to this, just get better soon!” 😉

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    • Actually, it was very nice to see these comments coming in on my phone as I wallowed about piteously. I had no intention of answering them, natch, but still, very nice. And yes, I did manage to respond to the family texts in a somewhat respectable time-frame, especially those from Mom and Sis, the two most likely to seek retribution should the tumbleweeds blow for too long… 😉

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