Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #105

An early visual primer on the foundations of “Trickle-Down Economics”: Those above stay dry, those below get wet. In the background, a young Ronald Reagan gazes in wonder.


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 03/27/15. No changes made, as no changes have been made with the ridiculous Republican snake-oil economics that they have been selling since 1980. You cannot give massive tax breaks to the rich and Corporate America and expect the economy to remain healthy, as evidenced by the record-breaking freefall on the stock market today. That mess directly impacts average retired people like me, who depend on their investments for income. And THAT, Donald, is far more treasonous than you getting your panties in a wad because the Democrats refused to applaud your outright lies at the State of the Union address.

Drops mic.

Picks up mic to make sure he didn’t break it, because he now can’t afford a new one. Sets mic gently on desk. Heads to kitchen to find a beer and hopefully a better attitude. Encounters Scotch the Cat along the way. Tells Scotch all his worries and fears. Scotch does not care and proceeds to lick self. Scotch just might be a Republican, despite liberal upbringing by two daddies. And so it goes…


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    • It is a correction, but it’s the result of an overheated economy that has been boiling because Corporate America has been wetting themselves with glee over Trump slashing regulations and oversight. It’s not a sustainable situation when the government has to borrow money to pay for tax cuts that were not needed or justified. The market may very well rebound for a while, but the reality is that seeds have been sown for massive inflation and eventual downturn, a situation that could have been avoided with proper governance and responsible fiscal decisions. Sorry for such a serious comment, but it just burns me that this Administration is so careless about the average citizen…

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  1. I am so embarrassed by our government. No, wait – I’m not sure I had anything to do with the government as it currently exists, in that I did not vote for any of those people who think it’s doing what’s right. It’s really the Rust Belt government, isn’t it? Poor folk, believing what they heard and wanted to believe, not what’s real.

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    • You’re right, the election all came down to pockets of disgruntled people lashing out in protest instead of being realistic, resulting in razor-thin wins in a few states. And, of course, there’s the arcane Electoral College. Without that mess, Trump would never have won, because he didn’t get the popular vote.

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  2. *sigh* it’s so often the way with ‘kids’. You do all you can to show them the right path and they, out of a burgeoning desire to be unique, go their own way. Well in the day the parent did that too…it just circles around. Or so I’m THEORIZING, never having borne any children and now never going to. Huny does what she likes and gives as much attention to the state of our dying union (as evidenced by the stock market tank) as Scotch does. Kids. Whaddya gonna do?

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    • I know what I’m gonna do. I’m enrolling Scotch in rehabilitation classes. He doesn’t have to agree with me, free speech and all, but at some point he needs to respect the fact that his daddies are the only ones who can operate a can opener on those special wet-food nights…

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    • Fair enough. Sometimes they do the opposite of what you expect, simply because it’s in their nature to do so and they really don’t dwell on the aftermath. Until they wander up to their treat bowl and discover that it is barren, because I can play this game as well… 😉

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  3. I had just enough time to read this and it made me smile, love the dropped mic 😊 Apologies for not being around much, real life taking over (elderly mum issues, latest is she was scammed on the phone this week and I literally spent the entire day yesterday on the phone or iPad sorting it out).

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  4. Ugh! Ronald Reagan, whom so many Republicans worship. Yeesh!

    And i prefer to be a little delusional in the feline department and believe that cats are liberal democrats even though deep down i realize that that’s likely fake news. I really love cats, despite their indifference to us humans. 🙂

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