Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #495

Note: In the commentary for my Redneck Valentines post, “someone” asked about cards and stories for folks who are NOT in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. Well, I just so happened to have this in the archives…


Jeanne: “Hello, Tree. I’m here once again, sharing my thoughts, feeling a little blue because it’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t have anyone special in my life right now. I won’t be getting any flowers or candy, even though all the other gals in the office will be getting things, with each of them squealing like a stuck pig when something gets plunked on their desk.”

Tree: “Now, Jeanne, we’ve talked about this before. There is no reason for you to be all bereft just because you don’t currently have a man or a woman walking around with your fingerprints on them. Valentine’s Day is a purely commercial enterprise designed to make money. It has nothing to do with real relationships.”

Jeanne: “But the girls in the office… they seem so excited when they get something. Granted, the squealing does get on your nerves after a while, and I often have unclean thoughts about wanting to slap them and hurl their wretched flowers out the window, but still, it would be nice if I could do the squealing one day.”

Tree: “Did it ever cross your mind that the validation your gal pals get from getting something one day a year is a little bit sad?”

Jeanne: “I’m not sure what you’re saying. But this might have something to do with my over-stylized coiffure, coated as it is with severe grooming products that tend to reflect soundwaves. I’m never any good at Bingo, because I can’t hear the numbers they are calling out.”

Tree: “I’m going to skip over that part, because it’s a little insipid and it feels like the writer of this post is experimenting with a humor angle that hit the fail blog. But what I am saying is that love isn’t based on a calendar. Love isn’t a thing that can be defined by buying chocolates on a certain day just because somebody else thinks that you should do so. Love is personal, individual, and there are no rules. Love arrives and thrives and survives because thousands of tiny things come together in just the right way for two people, not by following a recipe or a formula or using your credit card.”

Jeanne: “But what if my thousand tiny things never mesh with anyone?”

Tree: “Well, that’s a good question. And the answer depends on what is right for you, even if you don’t know what that is yet. Some people have many loves. Some people have one love that never ends. Some people have loved with intensity, burning brightly, and then happenstance deals a blow that leaves them alone, and they never want to try again because what they had can never be topped. Some people are quite content with being alone, some of us have natures like that, and there’s nothing wrong with that acceptance. And some people, dear friend, will never find that perfect one.”

Jeanne: “That sounds so depressing.”

Tree: “It sounds like life. The trick is to figure out what makes you personally happy. There is no blueprint, no manual, no right or wrong way. There is only the understanding of what you personally need, not what others expect you to need.”

Jeanne: “Still, the being alone part…”

Tree: “You’re not alone. You have me.”

Jeanne: “But you’re just a tree.”

Tree: “No, I’m also a friend. I have always been here for you. And I have a thousand branches to hold you when nobody sends you flowers.”

Jeanne: “Aw, that is so sweet of you.”

Tree: “Well, I can get a little bit sappy sometimes.”


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 02/14/17. No changes made. Yes, this one is rather treacly. I promise to flip the script with the next post. And for those who relish trivia, the “someone” who inspired this re-post was Claudette. You might want to check out her site if you like creativity and wit and lots of gorgeous photos.


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  1. The guy in line in front of us at the supermarket on Valentine’s Day, was buying roses, wine and chocolates. Some of these romantics have exquisite timing. He asked the wife why I wasn’t buying roses. She told him that I used to, but she found that she was allergic and they caused her headaches. I said, “There, see! It wasn’t me all along, after all.” 😆
    Merry Un-Valentine’s Day to you.

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    • My partner and I gave each other lovely cards and 46 pounds of candy and chocolate that neither of us need. Three minutes later we were watching “Celebrity Big Brother”, accompanied by the crinkly sounds of said chocolate pieces being unwrapped and devoured whilst bitchy people finagled to send each other home this week. And as such, another milestone ticked by…


  2. Aw, thanks Brian – I do love you – in a strictly bloglike “you’re a great person friend” way .
    I was never a fan of Valentines Day – love is for everyday every day. You have expressed it wonderfully in this post. I knew there was a reason I planted so many trees in my garden 🙂
    Thanks for the shout out too, I appreciate that a lot.
    Have a great weekend.

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    • I’m a firm believer in the platonic joy of chaste blog lovin’, and our relationship makes me quite happy. It truly makes me smile when I see that you have commented, because I know you are going to be honest and warm and just. Now, I’m off to hug a tree and see what it might have to share…

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  3. I’m a sucker for bathing in treacle and sappy sap ❤️. Claudette is up there with trees as one of my favourites it so happens as, of course are you. Oops, sorry, carried away with syrupy thoughts – I clearly need to suck some lemons 🍋 😉

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  4. I was lucky the second time around. Hubby, now in heaven, used to bring me flowers every week. I knew he did it because first jerk never did it once, not even on opening nights. (The other women and men in every show would take a stem out of theirs and create a vase for me. I love show people.) Anyway, I was impressed with Tree’s wisdom, intelligence and compassion, attributes to admire and utterly lacking in Congress. ( Feeling strangely better after writing that….)

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    • The concept of the shared vase is quite wonderful. (And yes, show people are the best.) As for Tree, he’s doing his best to uproot that lacking Congress, and he’s very pleased that you feel strangely better… 😉

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  5. My husband had the good sense of proposing the week before Valentine’s. I asked him if he knew waiting for Valentine’s would almost certainly have guaranteed a refusal from me, and he admitted he had a hunch.
    Terribly glad Claudette’s comment resurfaced this post, tIs a favorite. 🌳

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    • Ah, yet another layer has been peeled back on your personal onion. (Wait, is that line coming across as ribald or clever? I never know.) In any case, I’m thrilled to have more colors in your rainbow, which is how we should all approach our friendships. (And the tree emoticon = gold.)

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