Coughus Interruptus – Part 2: The Virus Strikes Back

Apparently, I did not perform enough penance during my last bout with The Crud, and It has penetrated once again my Fortress of Solitude. This round has been a milder version, so there’s that, but it’s still annoying as hell and I’m just not feeling it when it comes to a fresh post. Here’s one from the archives…


Flash Backward #9 – Meme, Myself and I

Okay, this post doesn’t really concern memes in the traditional sense, drifting more toward “my overuse of a specific template on a social media site”, but I was trying to be at least minimally creative with that title. Besides, “Template, Myself and I” just doesn’t do anything for me, especially at 2AM on a random Friday morning. In any case, here’s the deal:

Back in the day, during one of my perpetual attempts to gain traction and/or relevance in the social media world, I became infatuated with the “” site. This locale is just another random stop on the Internet Validation Circuit, but it appealed to me with the easy way in which it let you choose from a variety of formatted image placards, manipulate the dead space in such images to include your questionable words of wisdom, and then release the hybrid into the ether. The scenario satisfied me at the time, and we had a beautiful relationship for roughly 2.7 days until I realized that the target audience was just not into me.

Still, I initially liked the challenge of being forced to severely edit my ruminations so they would fit into the tight confines of the limited word-space available in the templates. (I should have known that I would eventually become dissatisfied, since the “word-limit” mess was already something that soured my budding romance with Twitter.) But I did my best, and the following are some of the snaps I created in my relentless need to justify my existence. (Notice how I kept choosing the same exact template. Apparently I just wasn’t in a branching-out mood at the time. You’ll also notice that I was apparently fed up with a few things in 2012. Big surprise, right?)




















Originally published individually on in 2012, then packaged for a “Bonnywood Manor” post on 04/01/2016. No changes made other than a modest intro to the existing into. And now I’m going back to bed…


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  1. Rest up Brian- we had a lurgy here called the 100-day flu, and people would get better briefly, then go back to bed- seemed to take a while to get over it- I hope it’s not a Yank version of that? Take care (& you’re still very funny, don’t worry) G

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  2. Since I didn’t actually know what a ‘meme’ is until very recently, I can enjoy your title without niggling pedantry. What I don’t enjoy is that you are laid up again. These pesky winter viruses can be extremely persistent – rather like many of the examples of humanity that need expunging that you so brilliantly highlight in this gallery of pithy delights. Allez mieux mon amie 💐

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  3. So sorry you are ill again, I’ve noticed this recurrence amongst the people around me and my mum can’t seem to shake it completely, either, though thank goodness she doesn’t have the cough. The weather is looking very enticing through the window, sun and blue skies, the wind has dropped, but poke your nose out the door and it will be swiftly nipped off by Mr Jack Frost! It’s freeeeeezing 🌬 Get better soon 🍇🥝🍎🍋🍵

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    • I was really hoping that the last round would be considered “the big one” for the season and I could call it done, but The Fates apparently had other plans. Still and all, I generally have my health for the most part, so I really shouldn’t be complaining, even though I’m very good at it… 😉

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  4. It may encourage you to know that the ‘crud’ or viruses inconvenientus (Latin never was my strongest suite) is trying valiantly to infiltrate my fortress of solitude. I woke up to a winter blizzard (o joy) and shortly began hacking and sneezing and now I’m feeling less and less ‘me’. So you aren’t alone, if that’s of comfort. I too have a codependent relationship with ‘some e cards’, but my favored template is the one of the prostrated lady upon the bed, whose girl has escaped the confines of the frilly bed garment she is wearing and who causes me to draw a modest line where the arm hole SHOULD be…and you thought you had problems. That one or the prostrated woman in the chair, apparently weeping. I never was clever as you though, in that I didn’t write my own text for these, but you’ve now inspired me. Thanks for the belly laugh(s)…

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    • I really had an obsession with the e cards for a while, sharing them all over the place until a few kind folks threatened me with an intervention if I didn’t cease and desist. I am now much more chaste with the distribution, even though I still have tons of them shoved away in various file folders. You really should try doing some with your own bon mots. It’s an interesting challenge trying to cram a story into that tiny space… 😉


  5. You reminded me that I have an account at For about 3 months last year I had a great time uploading images, add cool quotes or witty comments, posting them on Facebook, gosh it was fun. And then… I’m not sure what happened, actually. I’ll have to give it more thought.
    Poor guy, hope you’re feeling better soon!

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    • Ohhh. Is that what one does with Canva? I was just reviewing my massive “ID and password” spreadsheet the other day (I’m anal that way) and I noticed that I had a Canva account and yet no bells were ringing. (More along the lines of “what in gay hell is THIS?”) Now you have me greatly intrigued, and I yearn to explore. But perhaps I should save the adventure for a less-congested day…

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  6. ❤️
    I love your archives. I go read them a lot but I really love when you point me in their direction like this one.

    And that smiley face thing? Geez, when I get more than one of them I’ll re read the entire conversation to check to see if I might have angered their passive aggressive self somewhere in it. Lol. Very true

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    • Thanks, Lynette. Iit’s the cough that kills me, especially when there’s nothing left in your lungs to get out, but your throat is raw and ticklish and every little breath you take can trigger another round of unpleasantry… ugh…

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