Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #496

William: “Did you hear that sound?”

Jean: “Indeed, I did. It seems to be coming from the White House over there.”

William: “Yes, an implosion of sorts. Pity that it’s come to this.”

Jean: “But I thought you wanted him to fail.”

William: “No. Despite the Right Wing bellowing that we should all support our current president even though that same wing spent 8 years doing everything they could to destroy the previous president, I never wanted it to come to this. I had hoped that somebody would sit that man down and explain to him that he is responsible for the entire country now, not just his ego.”

Jean: “Are you kidding? You’re talking about a party that willfully took us to the edge of bankruptcy, multiple times, gleefully so, just because they control Congress through illegal gerrymandering and a willful violation of voter rights and that insipid Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court.”

William: “Still, and I hesitate to use this term because that party has shamed the word, a true patriot would never want the average American to suffer because of party politics.”

Jean: “But if that other party doesn’t care about the common citizen, which they have proven repeatedly, what are we supposed to do when they are in power?”

George: “I have a suggestion.”

William: “And who might you be, person that is not actually appearing in this photo?”

George: “I’m George Washington. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

Jean: “Well, I’ve heard that you’re dead, so I hope that you’ll pardon my surprise.”

George: “Some folks say dead, other folks say transitioned, it’s all matter of perspective. Anyway, I was on my way to a meeting of the planning committee for this year’s cherry blossom festival in D.C. and-”

William: “Didn’t you chop down a cherry tree?”

George: “Why are you pivoting away from the real issue here? Are you related to Kellyanne Conway?”

William: “Sorry. I accidentally watched Fox News last night and it’s hard to shake off the protocol and the stench.”

George: “Understood. Some folks have a difficult time discerning reality when they never change the channel. Anyway, I couldn’t help but overhear that the two of you were a bit discomfited by the current occupant of the White House, when he bothers to show up.”

Jean: “What sane person wouldn’t be?”

George: “Well, let me just say what I said to all of my co-workers back in the day, many of whom eventually ended up on the currency of this country. Adhere to the Constitution. After all, it’s one of the oldest in the world and it still stands.”

William: “But what if that party is violating the Constitution and all of our laws?”

George: “It’s called balance of power. Some will abuse it, others refuse it, but in the end, the law of the land will prevail. We are in a time of turbulence, but the true patriots will eventually triumph, not the dark-stained narcissists who got elected based on lies and baseless innuendo.”

Jean: “That all sounds well and good, but how do we make sure that other party doesn’t destroy the Constitution?”

George: “Vote.”

Jean: “But what about all those people who voted for Princess Tiny Hands in the first place?”

George: “What the Trumpians and their ilk fail to understand about America is that the greatest moments of progress in this country have been driven by the downtrodden and those who support them. The Trump Administration is increasing the number of disenfranchised with every one of his ego-driven signatures on damaging executive orders and legislation passed by NRA-funded, suck-up politicians. The tide will turn, and it will truly drain the swamp.”


Originally published in “Crusty Pie” on 02/16/17, shortly after the inauguration of the The Great Prevaricator. Some changes made for this post. Over a year later, the implosions continue. Many of us in America are facing critical primaries and special elections in the next few weeks. Do the right thing. Be a true patriot, not just a patriot when it’s convenient to be so. For those of you not in America, please understand that Trump did not win the popular vote, and he only got in due to an archaic voting system. Decent people are doing their best to erase the shame and stigma. For those of you who are not fond of my overly political posts and just want me to get back to the funny, well, I don’t want to be the one who didn’t speak out when he had the chance.

And I promise to be funny tomorrow. Unless something else annoys me.



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  1. Sometimes you have to be serious. Your northern neighbours get that there are holes in your democratic system – there are some gaping ones in ours too. Right now, your prevaricator-in-chief is making a gigantic mess, and some of the damage may be permanent. But as a country you’ll land on your feet – I really believe that.

    And, just to add a note of flippancy, you could hire us to come back and burn the place down. Really. And we don’t just do megalomaniacal buffoons. We also do bar-mitzvahs and golden weddings. Great rates. 😉

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    • I do believe that we’ll land on our feet. It’s just sad that in this day and age we still have to fight against pompous assholes and flaming ignorance, a messy reality that, as you sagely point out, will take years to overcome. But I’m greatly intrigued by your offer of a cleansing burning to help expedite the process. Text me… 😉

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  2. Uh…too much truth for so early in the day. I’m going to go digest this, along with the McGriddle I scarfed and see if a coherent thought arises. I’m not holding out hope. Just Yeah man. You got it in one.

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  3. Being a child of the sixties, I love this posting and whenever you want to speak up/out again, I’ll hand you up to the soapbox or build you a bigger one. I’m especially proud of the young’uns pushing for sensible gun legislation. Have to admit that Em’s McGriddle, whatever that is, sounds full of yummy carbs and things I should never eat, but I’m doing the Lenten thing with no carbs/no sugar. Wait a sec…just pictured what’s infesting our WH and lost my appetite.

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    • I’m glad to have your boost to the box, and yes, isn’t it amazing what the young’uns are doing. So many of them are speaking with such eloquence and determination that it is truly inspiring. As for the McGriddle, well, it’s best that we not share the actual contents… 😉

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