Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect – #257

Eleanor Roosevelt: “How sweet of you girls to cook this meal for me in a completely unplanned photo op.”

Girl Scout #1: “My outfit makes me look Amish and I’m not really happy about that. And there’s the added pressure that I might accidentally spill this pot of boiling water on the First Lady and end up in jail. I better wipe my fingerprints off the handle.”

Girl Scout #2: “Do you think they could possibly put more crap on that stove?”

Girl Scout #3: “The poor First Lady. I wonder what choices she had to make in her life that led to her wearing that hat.”

Girl Scout #4: “I don’t know why I’m here. I won’t even get to cook anything unless the three girls in front of me get taken out in some freak mishap. But as long as I still get the merit badge, I’m good.”

Freddy Krueger, in the background: “Anybody feeling sleepy?”


Originally posted in “Crusty Pie” on 06/21/15 and “Bonnywood Manor” on 04/20/16. No changes made. (Are you proud of me, Claudette?) And yes, the Freddy image still creeps me out, because you don’t really notice it unless you’re looking for it. Of course, if you have no idea who Freddy Krueger is, you’re probably still looking…


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  1. I didn’t notice Freddy at first, not until you pointed him out. Wonder if he was working a shift as bodyguard to Mrs. R?

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  2. BWAHAHHAHHAAA!!! I found Freddy, btw. There he was, signature hat of his own. I’m going to be wiping half chewed Carmelitos (a caramel covered cheeto…omg *swoon* they are so goood) off my screen and keyboard for the foreseeable future I bet. Thanks for the laugh.

    And whatever they’re cooking up on that stove, Ms. Roosevelt and the girls (girl guides? ‘Cos those ain’t no girl SCOUTS, least none that ever came around in these parts. Those costumes … oy vey). Ms. Roosevelt clearly doesn’t like how whatever it is SMELLS, because she looks rather as if she’s going to hurl. Or weep. Or maybe that’s just her normal expression. I really did admire her, you know.

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    • Hold up. What are these Carmelitos of which you speak? They actually sound rather intriguing, but when I did a Google search (how did we live our lives without Google before now?), the only thing that came up was a housing project in Long Beach, California. Are these treats something you came up with on your own, or is it something that I can actually purchase in a grocery store near me. I must know..

      And yes, I admire Eleanor as well, despite me knocking her about with some of my commentary. She was a true independent spirit…


  3. Hahaha. 😀 Great post.

    That’s Franklin back there. When he was bored he would pass himself off as a bodyguard. That whole bit with his legs was just fake news, you know. People would say, that’s a great disguise – you look just like the president … or the president’s wife. Sometimes they weren’t sure. 😉

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  4. This photo reminds me of junior high home ec class, and only now do I see the resemblance between Eleanor and Ms. Shultz. Though I can’t remember any Freddy… though there was that time the custodian came in to clean up after poor Jessica got sick… and he helped her out of the room… strange, I can’t remember if she came back?

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    • Wait, why did Jessica get sick? I think I missed something very fundamental here. Perhaps I need to… hang on, someone is at the door.

      [Sounds of scurrying, a muted conversation, and reverse scurrying.]

      It’s Jessica, and she wants me to record her side of the story. Stay tuned…

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